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Sally G.
Sally G., Dog Training Consultant
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what natural remedy can i give my dog to calm him down. We

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what natural remedy can i give my dog to calm him down. We were evicted from our house and are staying with relatives and my 9 monthold puppy already has seperation issuses and the situation is amking it worse. I would like something natural for the short period will be here. any help would be apprecaited



What breed of dog is this?


What are you doing when the dog acts out?


What have you tried to stop this?


Have you discussed over the counter meds with your vet?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He is a 9 month old pointer mix. He was aresuce puppy and has since had issuse with being left alone or closed off in any space. after trying crate training he would have raw gums from trying to chew his way out. he scatched up the bathroom door when i was gone and the door closed behind him. right now the only option is for him to be with me or my kids constantly since we are not in our own home and
i'm afraid he will tear something up and i will have to get rid of him.I do't have the money right now for a vet visit or expensive meds.

Thank you for that information. I would like to direct you to sites for training and separation anxiety so you can work with him to become more stable to be left alone, in the end meds alone will not be enough and if you can do the training in conjunction he will get better faster.


With the training, the clicker cost about 3.00 or less so it is not expensive, watch the videos so you can see how it is done.


for over the counter meds melatonin has been known to help and I will direct you to a site that will tell you side effects and dosing.


separation anxiety



Clicker training/positive method training





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