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One of my two dogs ate 25mg phenergan suppositorie, foil and

Resolved Question:

One of my two dogs ate 25mg phenergan suppositorie, foil and all. I was about to use it myself, and left it out on the table, when I came back 30 minutes later it was not there. Will this be harmful or fatal to my either of my two dogs?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr Pete replied 7 years ago.


Can I just ask some questions first

  1. How long ago might they have eaten it?
  2. How large was the packaging (foil) that was eaten (dimentions)?
  3. Is either dog showing any signs that might suggest they have eaten the phenergen?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Well, the medicine was for me it is a human dose. It was about 1 and a half hours ago give or take about 15 minutes. I can take a picture of it. Is there a way for me to send it? Or you could google for image and maybe it will be online. I know it to keep a person from throwing up and will cause you to become very sleepy.
Expert:  Dr Pete replied 7 years ago.

Hi again

Thanks for the additional info. I’m familiar with the phenergan suppositories but packaging can vary country to country.

Is this the sort of thing?

Phenergan can be used in dogs and often at a dose rate of up to 1 mg/pound bodyweight. So 25 mg in either of your two dogs is very unlikely to be a problem. At most you may notice some lethargy, perhaps a wobbly gait (stumbling). I would have expected the signs well by now and they would disappear within a few hours. It is too late to use an emetic for the medication anyway. We would just allow the patient to “sleep it off”. Concurrent Addison’s should not have any implication. But it sounds as though there is not going to be any effects (if the phenergan was swallowed)

The packaging can sometimes be of concern in that we occasionally see intestinal obstruction in dogs that have ingested items including the wrapping. However I think it very unlikely that this amount of foil (if the link I provided is what is involved) will cause any problem.

Of course we cannot be sure the suppository has been eaten. Some dogs will eat anything but Phenergan suppositories would be quite bitter and unpalatable to most dogs.

I feel you are best to just wait this out. Should any gastro-intestinal signs develop over the next 48 hours then you should see your vet. So I am talking about vomiting, constipation or depression. Maintain a high fibre diet for a few days to aid in the passage of any indigestible material. You can do this by adding canned pumpkin or bran (cereal) to the normal food.

Please let me know straight away if the Phenergan link I gave shows the item. Please also feel free to question me further if you have any concerns.

Regards, Peter

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