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Type your question here My 2 year old female pug has been

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Type your question here My 2 year old female pug has been itching incredibly all over and the vet said the allergy testing showed no allergies. They gave us chinese herbs that has not any ideas? Thanks Terry


I'm sorry to hear that your Pug is going through this. Since the allergy testing did not show any issues, there are few other things you'll need to look into. First, have a skin scraping done if they haven't yet (this will show if mites, skin infections etc., are present). Next, have a thryoid test done. This is a VERY common culprit in the breed. Should this not show the problem, you may want to have her adrenal numbers looked at as well as an immune panel (lupus etc). This all can be done in one visit and should help to point you in the right direction. In some cases, an oral steroid and antihistamine will be given together to help with symptoms.


At home, try a low allergy dog food (Z/D etc), clean floors with vinegar and water only (no chemical cleaners), and take note if any possible offenders may be around the home (cedar chips etc). I hope she's doing better soon.

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