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Hi, we have an 8 year old male Corgi who has not eaten in two

Resolved Question:

Hi, we have an 8 year old male Corgi who has not eaten in two days, but is still drinking water. His stool and urine are orange in color. He sleeps alot, is getting weaker, and his equilibrium is affected.
Please advise. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  ask_me replied 7 years ago.


I'm sorry to hear that your Corgi is not feeling well. Orange stools/urnine and lack of eating as you are describing (along with the equilibruim issue) can indicate several things. Some of the main culprits are: kidney issues/infections, pancreas problems, and parasites. You can put a bit of karo or syrup on his gums to help with blood sugar (or Nutri Cal if you have it) and can offer some chicken broth without onions. He will need to see your vet for this as testing will be needed to pinpoint the problem (generally a basic blood panel and a fecal exam). If you do not have a vet, contact your local SPCA as they often have sliding scale clinics or can put you in touch with one. I hope he's doing better soon.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Is there a time period where this could pass, or should we take him in right away.

Also, we have noticed over this last year that he would sometimes have some blood in his urine. This would be asociated with him drinking more water, and urinating very frequently. As if he was trying to flush out a stone. does this help?

Thanks again.

Expert:  ask_me replied 7 years ago.


Thanks for the addtional information. The past events he's had with the blood in urine and frequent thirst may have been kidney infections or UTI's. What's going on now may very well be a related event. Pancreas issues are also common in the breed (and in aging dogs in general). In such, it would be advisable to have him seen today. For either of the mentioned issues, getting quicker treatment generaly has better results (and lower bills). I hope he's doing better soon, they're a great breed.

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