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Walter, Breeder
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 11528
Experience:  Breeder and pet health consultant. Have spent a number of years with dog rescue, training and health
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my maltese was acting very tired and drooling a lot. Now his

Customer Question

my maltese was acting very tired and drooling a lot. Now his around his mouth is soaking wet and he's pacing back and forth and he is a lil bloated whats wrong with him?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Walter replied 7 years ago.



Does the dog have any of the following symptoms:

Inability to get comfortable
Pacing or restlessness
Pale gums
Unproductive attempts to vomit
Abnormally rapid breathing
Increased heart rate
Pain, weakness
Swelling of the abdomen (particularly the left side)

Any change in the dogs diet?

Any change in the dogs stools?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

He is pacing a lot but thats it.

Expert:  Walter replied 7 years ago.


Based on his symptoms I am concerned that he may have bloat which is a dangerous condition for a dog. Basically the stomach fills up with air, food or water and the stomach swells up. When this happens there is a good chance the stomach can twist which can kill the dog within a few hours.

I feel he has bloat at this point, I do not think his stomach has twisted yet but there is a chance it can and if it does he will die without treatment. The problem is it is hard to tell if the stomach has twisted without a vets examination so I would strongly recommend that you take him to the nearest vet. While there is a chance it could be a simple case of extreme gas the reality is it isn't worth taking the chance on at this point.