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MeadowDVM, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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my dog was shot with birdshot yeserday and i have some duramycin-10

Resolved Question:

my dog was shot with birdshot yeserday and i have some duramycin-10 can i give that to her in her water
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  MeadowDVM replied 7 years ago.



What is the extent of her injuries? What kind of dog is it? How is she acting / behaving?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
she got most of it in her front should and some on her hind leg. she will drink and lays on her side. she is alert and has move around some. she won't try to stand. i got it to stop bleeding but don't have the money to take her to the vet. she is half catahula and half black mouth cure.
Expert:  MeadowDVM replied 7 years ago.



Is the buckshot still embedded in the skin? Is it swollen? Are there any obvious broken bones? Can you lift up her lip and look at her gums - what color are they?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the shoulder is very swollen but i can't tell if anything is broken. there are no bones sticking out. her gums are very pink. i would imagen that some buckshot is still in there but can't really feel any. the holes are very small
Expert:  MeadowDVM replied 7 years ago.



Thanks for that information.


Ideally, this dog needs to seek veterinary treatment. Her reluctance to walk or stand makes me think she has broken bones. The buckshot could have easily penetrated or chipped off pieces of bone. She also really needs some anti-inflammatories and pain medication.


Duramycin is not an antibiotic normally used in dogs, it is used in large animals. I would not give it to her.


For at home care I would take some electric clippers if you have them and clip the hair off the wounds. Then use Betadine mixed with warm water and gently clean the wounds with some clean gauze. Make circular motions for about 10 seconds each piece of gauze, then throw that piece away and use another clean piece. Then rinse the area with some sterile saline. Pat dry with more clean gauze and apply triple antibiotic ointment to the wounds.


You can put a light bandage on the area, do NOT use a lot of pressure. Just a very light bandage covering the wounds. Keep her in a warm and dry area.


If her condition starts to worsen you will have no choice but to seek medical attention. Please be mindful of her level of pain. I know that money is a concern, but unfortunately her wounds may be too severe to heal on their own.


Good luck with her, I hope she gets better soon.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

thanks for all your help. what you have said is about what i have done. if i found someone to give her an antibotic shot that would be better for her. i have some low dose asprin can i give her that for pain. i also have ibprophen can i give her one of those


Expert:  MeadowDVM replied 7 years ago.



No Ibuprofen, no Tylenol, both very toxic to dogs. Aspirin can cause ulcers and GI bleeds in dogs, especially if she is not eating. She really needs veterinary-safe products. Have you looked into applying for care credit? It's a line of credit for veterinary expenses where you can make monthly payments. Many vets accept it (of course ask them first before you go). This is their website: If this isn't possible, start calling around to local veterinary clinics tomorrow morning. Some of them have payment plans and other programs worked out for financial hardship cases.


The antibiotic is for preventing an infection - but without removing the source of the infection (the buckshot) it really isn't going to help much. Infection is a concern but honestly it's the least of her problems right now.


I know you love your pet and want what's best for her - but please keep her level of pain and suffering in mind as time goes on. If veterinary treatment is not possible and she is not getting better on her own, then euthanasia may be something you will have to consider. I know it's a terrible thought but in the end it may be the most humane thing for her.

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