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my dog is pooping and vomiting blood what can it be

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my dog is pooping and vomiting blood what can it be?



Welcome to Just Answer. How old is your little one exactly? Has he been to a veterinarian before? Have they vaccinated him? HOw long has this been going on?


Dr. Bruce

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
he's 1 year and 11 months, yes he's been to the vet before and he has all his shots. it started about a week ago but after a day it went away, now is constantly
Ok. Good on the vaccines by the vet. How long has the vomiting and diarrhea been going on? Does he feel really run down and dumpy?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
its been 2 days straight now but it started about a week ago, completly the opposite my dog is so full of energy, he's really playfull.
So he's been vomiting for 2 days now? Or just having the bloody stools for 2 days now? What medication is it you've been giving?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
he's been pooping blood for 2 days now the vomitting comes and goes, the medicine is called metronidazole 250 mg

Ok. At this point, it is obvious that something isn't well with your little one's intestinal tract. Given his age, these are the things that I'd be concerned with.

1) Giardia - a protozoal infection that causes vomiting and diarrhea. Here's a link on it.


2) Intestinal foreign body - something stuck in the intestines.

3) Severe parasitism

4) Parvo virus - hopefully less likely since you had him through his puppy vaccines with your vet.

5) Pancreatitis.


Honestly, at this point, I would really recommend getting into your vet for them to run some tests to exactly pinpoint the cause. The metronidazole isn't helping at this point and further therapy is needed. Until you get it - which should be as soon as possible - I'd fast him for 12 hours. No treats, no food, nothing. You can offer a small amount of water after the 12 hours, but don't allow him to drink too much at one time (placing ice cubes in her bowl so that he can't gulp water will help).

After having access to the water for 1 hour, I'd offer a bland diet of boiled rice and boiled hamburger (3 parts rice to 1 part burger) in VERY small amounts (perhaps 1/4 c every hour or so) for the next 24 hours. Once you start feeding the rice mixture, monitor for recurring vomiting. If the vomiting doesn't start again, you can begin slowly mix in his regular food over the next few days until you're back to just it.


Again, this may not be enough and that visit will be important to helping him get better.


Dr. Bruce

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you for your help i will take him to the vet on monday but mean while i will do as you say.

I'm hoping things turn out well. Please let me know what they diagnose / find. I'll keep this link open. I'm always wanting to know how cases turn out!


Dr. Bruce

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