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Doctor Jeff
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My 3 year old pit bull, accidently ran into my new sliding

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My 3 year old pit bull, accidently ran into my new sliding glass door, she hit it pretty hard, she didnt notice the door, as she hit she was running to go inside, her forhead is swollen, and she keep shaking her head, I try to put a ice pack on it put she wont hold stil, she just ate a little and also she drank some water, Im really concerned and cant sleep, Im out of town at my moms house way in the country for holidays, and I am so worried for she is my child. Im crying right now, I just am worried. She hit the door at 9.30 pm central, and its 3.35 am now, she is asleep by my side and breathing slightly hard, and I know she is hurting even tho her tail still wags. Is she gonna be ok. I also checked her ears, no bleeding at all anywhere, also her eyes looks normal, they are just watering, like mine right now,,,,please please help me. Will my baby Russia be ok?

Th swollen forehead is likey a bruise or hematoma which will resolve in time. The inpact may cause some discomfort but as for actualy damage, I amnot too worried. Dogs have a large sinus between their out skull plate and the inner plate that covers the brain, so i would not expect any brain issues. THe bruising may provide some discomfort and your attemtp to cold pack it was the right move. Aspirin could provide some pain relief but the anticoagulant effect may make the bruising worse. She may be a little down for a day or so but she will bounce back. As long as she eats, drinks, pees, poops, and shows not sign of neurologic problems (drunken walk, dragging feet, etc) she should be fine.

I hope this helps and gives you peace of mind.


Dr. Jeff

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you! you eased my mind and nerves, I called to and spoke with 2 ER vets to get opinion, and of course they say to bring her right in, I just dont have the 88 dollar visit plus 140 for xray with the holidays here, if I had it I would go but time are hard being a college student. Russia is letting me use ice pack on her head now, she is alert, no funny walks, ....her forehead is raised up about 1.5 inches of swollenness, thats what scared me of how badly swollen it is, and its a brand new strong glass door, she was running fast when hit with loud bang. she is still breathing hard. So it is ok to give her asprin? Thank you so very much for your help. Just thought I would send you one of my favorite pics of my baby. Thanks again.Customer/p>


SInce the swelling seems to be pretty big, I would skip the aspirin, it may make the seroma/ hematoma bigger. I would expect her to do fine. Let her sleep it off. The area may be a little sensitive for a couple days, but if you cold pack it twice daily, it should help.

Great pic!!

Good Luck!

Dr. Jeff

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you Dr. Jeff, I will make sure I contact you with anything further//or any other issues that may arise in the future with Russia. Have a wonderful ThanksgivingWink

You too!!

Eat alot!!


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hello Dr. Jeff

I hope your Thanksgiving was great, I am sorry to bother you but I am still little concerned about Russia, why is her head still swollen? What could this mean? Between her ears is meaty, not as bad, and above her eyes on both sides I push down and its half a inch swollen and the meat between her ears I push down and its about a inch on each side of her nasel bone but I cant remember how much meat was there before. And as I pushed down she seems to flinch?? But that may just be her....She is acting fine, playful and all. I do have issues with worrying too much about the ones I love but I figured I could ask you just to make sure. (Also I ended up taking her to the little vet that next day, she was SO hyper the vet didnt look too closely BUT he said she was definatly swollen, since he seen her acting fine he gave her a antibiotic shot and antiflammatory steriord pills. Does it sometimes take awile for swelling to go down or could something else be happening// THANK YOU so much for your time Jeff!

THe swelling of a hematoma or seroma can hang around a while. However, abscesses and tumors are a possibility, but since this started with a traumatc event and she is only three, the likelihood of a tumor is slim. I would give it some time to resolve. It you notice a pus discharge, this would be a indication of an abscess. This would be something that should be seen.

I hope this gives you some peace of mind.


Dr. Jeff

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes it does thanks so much! You are a saviour.
No problem -- Good luck!!