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cairn terrier - 11 yrs - diabetic diagnosed May 2009 - has

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cairn terrier - 11 yrs - diabetic diagnosed May 2009 - has been difficult to stabilize bg - Thursday this week: began circling, exhibiting EXTREME FEAR AND resulting aggression - currently at the Vet E.R. since last night... did a complete blood panel and compared to panel done 3 days ago... odd: irrational fear/aggression before being touched... or perceived to be going to be touched... majority of eyesight has gone in the past 3 weeks... did chest xray lst night and it did not show any cancer... began showing ketones in urine yesterday...they want to do an abdominal xray... and a liver bile test which requires 12 hour fast... I think at this point after the ultra sound I will go bring him home. Any suggestions here? They seem to be at a loss... any ideas what could be causing this horrific anxiety/fear/aggression...
Sorry for the tough time you are having with your little friend. Diabetes can be challenging. When a patient is difficult to stabilize, sometimes it is because there is another physical condition or stress which exists at the same time.

The signs you describe sound like the result of a neurologic issue. The worsening of the diabetes may be an indication that another problem is getting worse. You said the eyesight has been diminishing over 3 weeks- Is this because of cataract formation? This would be visible on an exam. If he had high blood pressure it could cause his retinas to detach. Has he had his blood pressure checked?

It sounds like if nothing definite is found with the ultrasound, a neurologist should be consulted. Imaging of the brain may find the answer, a mass in the brain could explain vision loss, circling, and behavior change. This would be my next consideration.

I hope you get an answer soon and have some options to choose from that are reasonable, humane, and in all of your best interest. If you can, let me know what happens in the ultrasound.
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