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Cher, Dog Caregiver--Extensive Experience
Category: Dog
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Experience:  Extensive Experience Caring for Canines; Specializing in behavior and health concerns.
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why is my dogs balls red and swollen and they look like they

Customer Question

why is my dogs balls red and swollen and they look like they have black spotts
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Cher replied 7 years ago.

A common cause of sudden swelling and redness of the testicles, could be a contact allergy. It's possible that your dog has sat on/in something that was caustic and/or produced an allergic reaction. Certain plants such as nettles, poison oak, poison ivy, etc., could also cause this. Another possibility is an infection of some sort; the black spots you notice, could be caused by a fungal infection.

Ifyou haven't already, gently wash the area and thoroughly rinse it. It would be a good idea to have him evaluated in person by a vet, as soon as possible, for a definite diagnosis and treatment.

I hope all will be well with your dog.