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Dr. Shalet
Dr. Shalet, Dog Veterinarian
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my min pin has swollen eyelids - almost like pink eye... its

Resolved Question:

my min pin has swollen eyelids - almost like pink eye... it's now in both eyes, the vet said that the original one appeared to be a bug bite and treated it as such. As soon as that one was gone, the new ones pop up on the other eye. What is this?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Shalet replied 8 years ago.
Hello! Since both eyes are affected I suspect you are dealing with an eye infection. There are conditions similar to pink eye that can affect dogs (don't worry it's not contagious to humans).

With conjunctivitis you may see swelling of the tissue around the eye, discharge from the eyes and /or rubbing or pawing at the eyes.

The most common causes are infection (either viral or bacterial) or local irritation (think excessive dust or other irritant).

Since the other eye is now affected I strongly recommend a recheck with your veterinarian. Likely he/she will prescribe an ointment or drops to help clear up any infection.

I hope this helps!


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
She was treated with steroid pills last time and warm compresses, as soon as the steroids were done the blisters, bumps, pimple-like things (sorry for lack of a better term) they really aren't pustules or blisters - just like pimples that have not come to a head appeared en masse on the other eye and I've noticed extra discharge from that eye that I didn't notice from the first one. She only had one bump on the first (right) eye and the left eye is full on both the top and botXXXXX XXXXXd. We are going to the vet tomorrow, but what can I google in the meantime? She doesn't seem to be in any pain, is there pain associated with this?
Expert:  Dr. Shalet replied 8 years ago.
Hello. I'm glad to hear she has an appointment tomorrow.

It's hard to know if there is any pain associated with your dog's condition. Signs of pain include rapid heart rate (> 180 beats per minute), panting, decreased appetite, crying out, etc. If your dog is otherwise acting normally then I suspect she's not in pain.

It sounds like your girl definitely should be on antibiotics. If, after an antibiotic trial, these bumps don't clear up then you might consider having a biopsy done. There could be an immune-mediated component to what you are describing.

How old is your dog?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

She will be two in October. She is a Min Pin and doesn't show any signs of pain. I can touch them without getting bitten, which says a lot for her.


What kind of immune-mediated component are you referring to? I've researched progressive retinal atrophy (which is one of the inherited diseases that I was told accompanies that breed) and it doesn't seem related. The eye itself is clear and she appears to see normally. She still travels at a 1000 miles a minute, like she's been shot from a cannon. The appetite is fine, no rapid heart rate, no panting and no crying out.


She does like to hang her head out of the car window when traveling, what are the odds of getting bit by something flying through the air in the opposite eye? I've had dogs hang their heads out for years, even ones with much bigger heads (bigger targets) and haven't had this problem.


Expert:  Dr. Shalet replied 8 years ago.
Good - based on your dog's age we can rule out puppy strangles. With both eyes involved this is likely not a bug bite.

These most common causes for this type of lesion are bacterial infections, yeast infections and, on occasion, mites. If all those other things are ruled out then I'd consider looking for an immune-mediated disease (hopefully it won't come to that point).

Things to Google include "Canine Conjunctivitis" and "Canine Furunculosis" (which is essentially dog acne which can affect the eyelid.

Here is a link about demodex:

Demodectic Mange

And here is a link about immune-mediated skin disease:

Auto-immune Skin Disease.

Try not to worry too much! I suspect that this is something that will correct itself nicely with a round of antibiotics.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I hope so. She is our baby and we would be heart broken if anything happened to her. We have an appointment tomorrow and I will mention what I've learned from here. Thank you so much for your help and concern.

Expert:  Dr. Shalet replied 8 years ago.
You are welcome and best of luck with her!
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