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cocker spaniel: groomer..right front paw..year old male..grooming

Customer Question

you are a dog groomer and you accidently cut the pad on the right front paw of a 4 year old cocker spaniel what is the precdure and the health and safety equimpent i should use. i have a 6 year old male golden retriever with a history of epilepsy in for grooming whilst standing on the table being dreid he has a convolsion what should i do precedures and health and safety
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Sally G. replied 7 years ago.



Let's take the Golden with seizures first. If you know he has seizures then don't put him on the table when drying, do it while he's standing on the floor so there is not the possibility he will fall off the table during seizure activity. There in nothing you can do while a dog is going through this other than to keep him safe from hurting himself as he goes down. If a seizure last more then 7-10 minutes he needs to see a vet or if he does not completely come out of one seizure before going into another he needs vet care. So I would get the owners permission in writing to have the dog treated if they can

not be reached by phone to get the dog.


Pads on a dogs foot are pretty intricate as they act like a shock absorber for the body each time a dog walks on it, so if it is cut, then each time the dog walks the wound will reopen because the pressure of walking makes the pad spread open thereby reopening the wound. If it is severe the dog would need to see a vet. If it is minor then you will want to clean the wound, then place some triple antibiotic ointment on it and place thick gauze over it to protect it . Wrap the foot lightly with rolled gauze. If you make it too tight the circulation will be cut off. Be sure to let the owner know what happened and tell them to change the dressing at least every two days. A sock put over the foot can help keep the bandage clean.


foot pad injuries