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dog: just punctured my albuterol inhaler and it exploded and shot

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My dog just punctured my albuterol inhaler and it exploded and shot across the room. That scared her and she ran away - I am not sure how much got on / in her, but there was only about four puffs left in it, if even that. What should I be watching for, if anything>
Greetings! Thank you for being proactive and finding out what to do. I too am an asthmatic and my own dog did just this to my inhaler.   A lot depends on how many doses were remaining and how much the dog inhaled during the puncture. Signs to look for are jumpiness, hyperactivity and a rapid heart rate. The biggest concern is the heart rate. If it is greater than 180 beats per minute then medication may need to be given to slow the rate. Fortunately the albuterol will clear the system in 12 to 18 hours and then there should be no further clinical signs. My own dog spent the night in the hospital and did need one dose of medication to slow his heart rate. He did just fine. If you notice any of these clinical signs get him to an emergency clinic for evaluation. Hopefully, as your inhaler wasn't too full, this won't be necessary. Best of luck with her!
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