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My chocolate lab has swollen areas around her eyes & what appear

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My chocolate lab has swollen areas around her eyes & what appear to be several bumps like mosquito bites on the end of her snout. She isn't scratching or appearing sick. Could it be an allergic reaction? She was out in a field running with a frisbee earlier today & also may have chewed on a peace lilly leave. She is 1 year old.

Thank you
How long has this been going on? Is she having any loud or difficult breathing/snorting?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
She's not having any difficulty breathing or snorting. It seems to have developed in the last hour or two. Now she is developing bumps on her torso & scratching. We're thinking maybe we should call an urgent care vet & take her in?
I think that's the smartest idea, since the reaction is spreading. They may want to administer an intravenous dose of cortisone to stop the reaction, and an injection of Benadryl too -- that's the way I typically manage this sort of reaction, which can be a reaction to anything that she's allergic to, such as pollen, or a bug bite/ bee sting etc.
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