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Gen B.
Gen B., Retired Veterinary Technician
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can ivermax be given to dogs for heartworm prevention and ca

Resolved Question:

can ivermax be given to dogs for heartworm prevention and can it be given by mouth??
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Gen B. replied 7 years ago.
Hello and thanks for researching this question...I am sorry that no one online earlier felt able to discuss this with you.

It is unfortunate that FDA-approved monthly heartworm preventatives made for dogs and cats are so expensive. You will find many posts online about how people try to save money by using large animal preparations (injectible, oral solutions or treated corn granules).

Ivermax (by RXV) pour-on solution is NOT labeled for any kind of use in dogs may not be a uniform-enough solution to provide exact dosing below those used for cattle. It will NOT rid your pets of other parasites that standard dog-approved medications will.

A single ml of this solution contains 5,000 mcg of active ingredient (or 5 mg/ml).

A 51-100 pound dog should be receiving 272 mcg (micrograms, not milligrams) of ivermectin monthly to keep the blood clear of heartworm larvae.

This amount of medication is impossible to measure accurately with standard feeding syringes, so I am urging you to work with your local veterinary office in order to obtain the proper tiny syringe needed to do this without harming your pet.

Ivermectin should NOT be given to dogs unless they have been tested "Negative" for the presence of heartworms.

Many side effects (including death) have been reported in heartworm "Positive" dogs given ivermection, and in dogs given overdoses of large animal preparations.

Please review this information very carefully and call your veterinary office to get legally-approved assistance:
Ivermectin Information.

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