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My dog is pooping blood. Could it be due to food change?

Resolved Question:

My dog is pooping blood. It started last night. I switched her food without a gradual change. My husband told me last weekend that her poop was runny. About 2-3 days ago she started to have diarrhea in the house at night. Last night there was blood in her diarrhea. Today we have gotten her old food back, I have given her imodium too. She pooped and it was a little more formed, still a little runny but this time there was consistency. It was in the house again however so she isn't able to hold it long enough. There were also 4 piles of just blood too that time. I let her out, she kept trying to go, but all that was coming out was blood. Then she was scooting across the grass. She isn't displaying any symptoms of illness. She is eating, playing and acting like herself. I have called my vet and I will have to take her tomorrow. But I don't have much money. Could this all be from the food switch?

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Pet Doc replied 8 years ago.

Hi there,
Thank you for your question regarding your 4 year old Bull Mastiff who has developed diarrhea with blood in it! If the stool is liquid with blood and/or mucus in it, it could well be that this girl has colitis (inflammation of the colon) which can occur with an abrupt change in diet. This would indeed tie in with the change in diet that you mentioned. If this were the case, I would expect the consistency of her faeces to improve within the next 3 - 4 days with your girl on a very bland diet.
Please either keep her on her normal food or put her on a bland diet for the next few days. For this you can feed her cooked, boneless, skinless chicken breast and boiled rice which she is bound to love, or otherwise you can try a Hill's diet - I/D or Royal Canin diet - sensitivity - both available from your vet. If after 1 - 2 days she still has soft faeces, you will need to get her to your local Vet for a full check over. Also take a sample of her faeces in case your Vet needs to send a sample away for culture and sensitivity to isolate a possible infectious cause. Also be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling your girl in case she does have an infectious diarrhea. The immodium should have helped her in the mean time - but don't forget that this is not a cure, just something to give your girl some relief for a few hours! If her faeces are still very runny tomorrow with large amounts of blood, you really will have to get her to your regular Vet.
Best of luck with your girl and please let me know how you get on. Also be sure to check out: Canine Health a book I have helped write on canine health problems for future reference for your girl. I hope this helps and just reply if you need more info won't you!
Thank you

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

If it were something more serious wouldn't she be displaying signs of a sick dog? Also the concerning part for me is that I am 9 months pregnant and your idea of infectious diarrhea and possible giving it to me. What could the scooting be from? I am very nervous about her health, but I am scared to death I am going to end up with a 700 vet bill.

Expert:  Pet Doc replied 8 years ago.

I can understand you concern about possible costs if you did take your girl to the Vet. If she is bright and alert, eating and drinking normally and doesn't seem to be in any pain, you could try keeping an eye on her for the next day or two. If the problem progressively gets worse you really will have to get her to the Vet. As you say, this could potentially be something you could get as well, so the question is whether you want to risk waiting a couple of days to see if this is just colitis due to a diet change, or whether it would be wiser (albeit more expensive) to get your girl to the Vet sooner rather than later. I personally think you should get her seen in the next day or so, but it is of course completely your decision. The scooting is a sign that she has an irritated bottom - most likely from the burning of diarrhea. You should ideally get someone to check her bottom (with rubber gloves on) to ensure she isn't too inflamed or dirty back there.
I hope this helps - just reply if you have any further questions won't you.
Kind Regards

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