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my dog has a painful swollen muscle on her shoulder. She is

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my dog has a painful swollen muscle on her shoulder. She is reluctant to lift her front paw to jump onto a chair and today is hobbling a little. She does not seem happy today after walking rather than running yesterday at play on the beach. She has many smalll fatty lumps on her legs back and front. One was removed from her side recently and confirmed a fatty lump.

Has the vet seen the swollen shoulder?

Did this happen after any hard play or a sharp turn or a jump down from a high area?

Is the shoulder swollen at the joint or over the flat plate of the shoulder blade?

Does she get walked using a collar and if so what kind?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no she hasnt seen the vet. No this isnt after hard play she has just been particlarly subdued since the beach play yesterday in which she walked but didn't run when retrieving. Over the flat plate. Yes a collar, a nylon one but she playss off her lead and doesnt like walking so doesnt have much lead/collar walking. Her paws are a bit sore between the toes, we bathe them in liver salts and coat with Sudocream. She is notoriously lazy for walking and will only be enthusiastic when playing on the beach but even then only breaking into a trot. She is an English Bull Terrier, nor known for their energetic play! but I do think she is uncomfortable watching her lying down and turning round.

Thanks for the extra info!

If she has a lump over the flat shoulder blade it really should be evaluated by your vet.

It is possible this is due to a muscle strain and that might respond to anti inflammatories or a muscle relaxant.

It could be this is a tumor that needs removal and if it does getting it while as small as possible is usually the best choice.

It may be another fatty tumor that is in a poor location and restricting muscle action and so needs to be removed.

It could be this is an inflammation from an infection under the skin caused by a small puncture where there was only a tiny bit of skin damage but bacteria was left under the skin to grow.

If the feet are sore between the toes you may be dealing with an allergy issue.

You can read about canine allergies causing skin issues here

You may also want to have your vet check for a thyroid issue. Particularly if the sore foot areas start as a hard lump.

You can read about interdigital cysts here

Hope this helps you!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
hi Nancy
thank you for that, just to mention, the swelling seems to be the entire muscle rather than any lump so perhaps it needs anti inflammatory treatment. Linda

You can try a cold compress on the area if you think its inflammation only.

10 minutes on for a towel wrapped cold compress.

But I'd still plan on seeing the vet about it - might even be a reaction to an insect sting making her sore, or an inflammation in the joint making the muscle swell so an in person look by your vet is a good option.

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