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Heidi Chambers
Heidi Chambers, Vet Tech, Hosp. Mngr since 1990
Category: Dog
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My dog has a pimple like rash on the inside of his leg, it

Customer Question

My dog has a pimple like rash on the inside of his leg, it doesnt seem to be itchy and has had it for a few weeks. I have tried to look online as to what it could be, but it seems to fit the description of many different skin irritations.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Heidi Chambers replied 7 years ago.
Hello. Thanks for your question. If possible, can you describe the pimple/rash? Also, did he visit any area soon before this appeared, such as a park, lake, kennel, etc.? Thanks in advance.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

About two months ago I noticed that he had a red spot on his inner thigh, it looked like he scratched his leg while peeing on a bush. There was not any broken skin, the area was just red and irritated, about the size of quarter. It stayed red for a few weeks then the redness went away and 5 small flesh colored bumps appeared. A few days ago I noticed that the bumps were filling with puss and now look like pimples. They have been getting progressively worse over the pasted three days. He hates going to the vet, causing both of us great stress, and do not want to have to take him to the vet unless it is something serious. Thanks for your help!

Expert:  Heidi Chambers replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for the additional information. (Sorry for the slight delay in my response, as I lost my internet connection for several hours.) From what you’re describing, it sounds as if it may be a possible secondary bacterial infection called Pyoderma or “Pyoderma Deep.” The problem usually starts with a wound, lick granuloma (also known as a “lick spot,”) or other allergy but from what you stated about the scratch from a bush, that is very likely the initial cause. The wound usually occurs and then it worsens into ulcerated pustules which are large pimple-like looking forms filled with pus. I know you mentioned it being difficult to get your boy to the vet, but if you can, he or she can do a skin scraping, a biopsy or culture after clipping and cleansing the area and also provide antibiotics to treat this. They may need to be drained but possibly will drain on their own. Another possibility, yet along the same lines, is something called contact dermatitis which is an allergic reaction to exposure to a substance or material that has irritated the area. This can be from wool, plastic, rubber, dyes, carpet cleaners or deodorizers, applied topical antibiotic ointments, etc. Contact dermatitis, however, usually occurs after multiple exposures or prolonged contact with the irritant. It can also be caused by after your boy scratched the area and then had contact with the substance, even if only once or for a short period of time. When this is the case, you’ll notice red, irritated skin and blisters or small bumps. This can be treated with antihistamines or steroid medications but it would also be necessary to try and figure out what the substance was that caused it in the first place to avoid re-exposure.
If you have a decent history with your vet, you may try calling him or her and ask if it is possible to prescribe something for him to try or even if you can try a remedy at home to see if it clears up. He or she may insist on an antibiotic, too. Since there are many different types of skin conditions, the vet may be hesitant to prescribe or recommend anything without seeing him. But, it’s worth a try. If not, I’m afraid a vet visit may be the only way to help your boy.
I do hope this information has helped you. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance to you and I will be hoping for a speedy recovery for your guy.