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My pug lost an eye playing with my bulldog, she will need to

Resolved Question:

My pug lost an eye playing with my bulldog, she will need to have the whole eye removed, is the insertion of an opened eye prosthesis possible or is this only possible in glaucoma patients
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Lisa replied 7 years ago.



I'm sorry to hear that your pug is going to have to have that eye enucleated. It's always hard on the owner when a pet has to have an eye removed either due to trauma or due to something like glaucoma.


After doing a little research (ie: calling one of the vets at the clinic where I work) the general concensus is that there's really no reason why they shouldn't be able to use an eye prosthesis on your dog. The only reason one may not work is if your dog's eye socket is too shallow to hold the false eye (this sometimes happens on dogs who have bulgy eyes).


I would discuss it with the vet who is going to remove the eye. They'll have a better understanding if your pup is a viable candidate for this type of prosthesis or if she'd be better off without one.


I hope this helps.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the problem is that I live in mexico and open eye prothesis are not common here, we are willing to fly her to New York to have the procedure done there, my question is what should I do now? becasue the mexican vet is telling me that he will need to enucleate the eye right now becasue of the possibility of infection and that we would have to deal with the prothesis later, is this at all possible? or does the prothesis has to be placed at the same time? also if they put a closed eye prothesis is it possible to later change it to an open eyed one?
Expert:  Lisa replied 7 years ago.

I'm not an expert on these prothesis' but I think that they generally are placed at the time of the enucleation, and once they're in...they're in.


I found a website with a link to a veterinary eye guy here: . You might want to call or email him and see if he can answer your questions.


I would, however, have the eye removed as soon as possible, just to avoid the possibility of infection (but a day or so shouldn't make much difference.)

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