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ChristineLVT, Certified Veterinary Technician
Category: Dog
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Experience:  Licensed veterinary technician (B.S. Mercy College), 10 yrs in animal medicine and training
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Can I use regular wart remover to remove warts from my dog,

Customer Question

Can I use regular wart remover to remove warts from my dog, if so is there a gentler one that won't urn her skin?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  ChristineLVT replied 7 years ago.

These "warts" which are generally what we call sebaceous cysts, are not often anything to worry about. It is extremely common in older dogs, especially poodles, bichons, and other small toy breeds, as well as some larger breeds and many cocker spaniels. As long as one in particular doesn't bother the dog, or continue to grow, there's nothing to worry about.

Some people opt to have them removed anyway- which can be done either surgically or in some vet's offices, with something called cryosurgery, which involves no sedation (unless one is very close to the eye) and literally "freezes" the cyst off. That procedure takes only minutes, is inexpensive, and non-painful to the dog. However, chances are high that not only will it grow back, rather quickly, but others may be appearing in time as well. It is best to just accept they are there and keep your eye on them to make sure that is all they are... there... and not growing or bothering your dog. In some instances they can become infected, especially if scratched, and may ooze. If this should occur, cleaning with some diluted iodine (betadine) solution will help clean the mess.

Some people opt to use OTC human wart remover, which is safe topically but don’t let your dog lick it off too much. However, these rarely if ever remove them and in the off chance it does, the wart often grows right back. they all basically work the same, they don't burn, but rarely do they work either.

Best of luck,

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
As you said in your letter, she is a cocker spaniel. They just seem to make her have to scratch a lot. She has several of them, one right inside oher ear. We just hate seeing her have to itch so much. I think the cortizone cream helps but she is still pretty itchy.
Expert:  ChristineLVT replied 7 years ago.
It can help with some of the itch, but is not going to make it shrink or go away. Only having it removed can do that. Some vets will aspirate them to make them shrink, but they come right back. the wart removers won't help with the itch either, but it is recommended to have them removed if they bother the dog. Cryosurgery takes a few minutes, if your vet offers it, and the dog does not need to be sedated at all.

ChristineLVT and 3 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you so much for your prompt helpful service. As our dawgz are getting older (and us too) it is wonderful to have found you.
Yours truly
Kelowna BC
Expert:  ChristineLVT replied 7 years ago.
Hope all goes well, best wishes.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hope you got the payment okay, you are really appreciated. I will definitely use you again for our doggie problems. I think we may opt for the surgery as long as they don't have to put her out. We just hate watching itch so much, it must be so uncomfortable.
Expert:  ChristineLVT replied 7 years ago.
Yes, everything went through fine. Sometimes, because replies keep going back and forth between us, the site automatically sends emails telling you I am requesting info or that you need to click accept. you have already done so, and can ignore those.

It doesn't hurt to call around and see if any local vets do have cryosurgery to remove cysts. Even if not and you elect to have the taken off, some may be able to be taken off with light sedation, not full anesthesia, and trust me, they come off very quickly and easily.

Good luck,