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Is there a way to treat a yard infested with parasites. (hookworm,

Resolved Question:

Is there a way to treat a yard infested with parasites. (hookworm, whipworm, etc)? I don't care if it kills all the grass. I am willing to reseed.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 8 years ago.

If a back yard renovation is being considered I'd suggest that you take off the topsoil and replace it and maybe you'd want to use gravel or just replace the topsoil.

Alternatively you can consider keeping the dogs on Interceptor which helps control infections from hook or whip worms as well as protecting dogs from heartworm.

You can read about hookworm here

and it can be impacted by using bleach.

You can read about whipworms here

getting rid of them out of the soil is nearly impossible so simply making sure the dogs don't carry them is often the best you can do.

Hope this helps you!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Should I keep the dogs out of the yard( I can kennel them in our separate garage, it has a drain and I could bleach/disinfect?) while they are deworming?


I intend to put them both on a preventative. I have an old vet and he never told me I should have them on something. I feel stupid that they have become sick because I did not take care of them properly. I switched vets.


For the backyard renovation, in the past the dogs have had free run of the yard. I wanted to fence off a section just for them and then put in a patio and play area for my 3 year old. I did not want her playing in an area where the dogs go the bathroom. plus the dogs have created a bunch of holes/ruts.


I'm now worried that the turning and new topsoil/grass approach won't keep her safe. Those eggs can be around for years in the soil.




Expert:  NancyH replied 8 years ago.

The plus is bleach will kill the hookworms adn whip worms are not easily transmitted to humans.

I'd suggest removing the top layer of soil and putting in fresh. Make a special sandbox area for play time digging with ony play yard sand in it perhaps in one of the plastic containers that allows you to cover it to keep cats out.

You can bleach down the yard to deal with the hook worms.

And if you live where the ground freezes that kills the hookworms too.

Keeping the dog and child areas apart seems like a good plan too.

Once the dogs are free of worms do continue to pick up stools and dispose of them daily if possible as that is the best way to keep the yard clear should they pick up parasites when off the property.

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