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My dog cannot have a bowel movement. I took her to the vet

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My dog cannot have a bowel movement. I took her to the vet today had X-rays done, enema, and am giving her a laxative perscribed by the vet. The vet did not find any obstruction or any other obvious reason that she wouldn't be able to go to the bathroom. Tonight she still cannot have a bowel movement, even with the laxative, but seems to be unable to lift her tail and assume the usual pooping position. I don't know what else to do. Anyone have any clues at all?
What kind of dog do you have? How old is she? What is the laxative that was prescribed? Is her tail limp--if you lift it up and let it fall does it drop quickly? Is there any pain when you lift the tail up?
Dr. Scarlett
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
She is a lab/retriever mix, she's 5, laxative is lactulose(gave her 10ccs doesn't seem like a good idea now cause she still can't go and is now way more uncomfortable, it isn't limp (she can kind of wag her tail while still leaving it low) but it does drop quickly as, and yes she whimpers when her tail is lifted level with her back
I just saw another lab last week with a very similar problem. She was having a lot of pain in her lower back/tail head area and it really affected her being able to squat to defecate.

Labs are so darn active that she could have injured her tail just wagging it really hard! Maybe she whacked it on something or got it shut in a door. She could also have some arthritis in her lower back or a "step lesion" at the junction of her last lumbar (back) vertebra and the one that goes into the pelvis.

I would give her some pain medication and see if that helps. Since you can't get to your vet's yet this weekend, I would use some aspirin (unless you have something like Rimadyl or other pain medication from your vet). If she is around 80 pounds, I would give her 2 buffered aspirin every 12 hours.

I don't think the lactulose was necessarily a bad idea as it will help soften her stool. A soft stool will pass more easily and hopefully she won't need to hold her squat for so long. But I probably wouldn't give her any more at this point. Poor girl. If you can figure out a way to help her squat, say with a towel for support, you can try, but I've never come up with a solution.

Definitely check with your vet on Monday. They took x-rays, but may have only taken them of her abdomen, rather than looking at her lower spine and tail. If the aspirin seemed to help some, then I would look into getting some Rimadyl and tramadol for better pain control. Hopefully with a little time and some anti-inflammatories, she will be feeling much better soon.

Good luck!
Dr. Scarlett
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you! We've been thinking the same thing, but it's always good to have your thoughts echoed from a professional! Maybe now we'll get some sleep (if she lets us). Thanks again!