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My dog lost his mate, who he has known since he was a puppy,

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My dog lost his mate, who he has known since he was a puppy, this was in January. Now he has started to nip and hurt people who come. He has become very protective of me asIo am handicapped. he is a wonderul loving dog to me and helps me a lot. He has taken this long to eat proper meals as he gave up eating and drinking when his mate died. He has also become skitty and afraid of things like loud noises and the wind. I am scared he will bite and do a lot of damage but I don't know how to stop him.Have you any suggestions please. He now has another friend who he loves and plays with who is also an older dog. He is fine outside, walks without a lead, stays by my buggy,is obedient to the letter, goes toother dogs, says hello and comes straight back. he is a labrador.

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Pet's Sex: Male
Pet's Age: 4

Already Tried:
He has been on a sedative to get him to eat,which has worked but still did not stop him being skitty and terified of the wind.
Today he nipped someone and drew a lot of blood.I gave him a good clout round his snout.I simply did not know what else to do!

Hi springbreak,


While dogs do grieve it should not go on for as long as it has and I would more suspect a health issue.


Since this is sudden I would have him re-evaluated by your vet as Labs are prone to hypothyroidism and this can cause the behaviors you are seeing. If there is a thyroid problem it can easily be fixed with daily meds, and the meds are not that expensive. A thyroid problem can cause aggression and cause a dog to be fearful.


If he is nipping people that come into your home until you can get the dog evaluated by your vet you may want to hook a tether that you can access and tie the dog to when someone comes to the door. I would also suggest you find a behaviorist in your area that can come in and see the dog first hand.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you! He was neutured when he was 18 months because of his dominance and has never been the same since. He was very dependant on his elder mate who was 13.1/2. He is a real baby, needs to be babied to eat, but he also has a nasty agressive part to him, although he is as gentle as a kitten inside the house. I do not baby him, other than to try to get him to eat.People say leave him and he will eat when he is ready but when his mate died he would not even drink anything and I let it go on for 4 days before Istarted handfeeding him to get him to eat and survive.Now he eats but it has to be alongside me at the table. He seems threatened when outside, unless he can be right alongside others. I will call my vet and get this seen to. I have long since thought he was too docile and thought it may have been a testosterone problem since he was done.

Thank you very much!



You are very welcome Jude:) Best of luck to you and your baby.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


He has an appt for a blood test on Tuesday, results back FridaySmile I rarely hit him as other behaviour methods are more my line. Yesterday I spent putting him through his paces so he has no doubt who is boss. He is eager to please. I don't want him to have anything wrong with him, but I don't like dogs who bite and I have to know why and if it is what you said, which seems a distinct possiblity as he hides when it is windy and won't eat or drink, loud noises make him skitty. He is deaf in one ear but he should not bite. My other dog is completely laid back as was his predescesor.


Have a great weekend and thank you for your insight!