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How much valerian should I give my 25# XXXXX He has a BIG problem

Resolved Question:

How much valerian should I give my 25# XXXXX He has a BIG problem with storms, so when should it be given? Thanks
Submitted: 8 years ago via PetPlace.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Joan replied 8 years ago.


You have a couple of choices with Thunderstorm or Fireworks Phobia. The first is Benedryl at 1-2 mgs per pound of body weight every 8 hours. This will make your baby sleepy. (It is not as effective as the other treatments I have listed here). You can use regular Plain benadryl tablets. I do not recommend the liquid since it can be bitter and harder to get down. My favorite option for thunderstorm and Fireworks Phobias is Melatonin which is the second option, You can use is Melatonin which can be purchased where Vitamins are sold. This is excellent for Thunderstorm and loud noise Phobias. Melatonin is recommended by many vets for Noise Phobias as well as the Canine Epilepsy foundation. In my Personal opinion, I would use the Melatonin as well as the behavior modification and hopefully you will be able to alleviate the problem. Joan


The Dosage for Melatonin is 1-3 mgs every 8 hours as needed.


This is information on Valerian Root but should be approved by a Vet since it is a CNS depressant

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