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Japanese Chin: gave him a bath..his left rear leg..examined..sprained

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Hi there,

I have a 5 year old Japanese Chin. I just gave him a bath and I noticed after I dreid him off nd put him down that he was holding his left rear leg up and not putting any weight on it. I picked him up and examined it, there is nothing in the pad and I manipulated the foot to make sure it wasn't broken or sprained and he let me do that. I then examined his hips and he yelped a little when I was putting pressure on his hip joints with my fingers. He is a big yelper whenever he is being examined so I am unsure if it ereally hurt, but he made it through a whole bath and being towel dried and carried without yelping. I did take him on a longer than normal walk this morning and he is little overweight. Could he have poped his hip out of place...what do I do next? Please let me know. He doesn't seem to be in any pain, and to avoid costly vet bills I can not afford I am hoping you can help me to figure out what is wrong before I go that route. Thanks.

Thanks for writing in,

Sorry to hear about your little guy. Without anything traumatic I doubt that your dog popped his hip out unless he already had some decree of hip dysplasia etc. Given his breed and age it is possible that he has patella or knee cap problems. These small breeds are prone to patella luxations which instead of the knee cap being where it is supposed to be, it slides to the inside of the knee and gets stuck. They can typically get it out by stretching the leg behind them but it can be very uncomfortable if it happens. The other possiblity is like what you said, he could just be sore if he exercised more than he is used to. What I would suggest you do if going to your vet isn't an option is really let him rest for the next several days. No exercise etc, no jumping up or down from furniture etc. If this is something that persists despite rest then he should see his vet to ensure there isn't something more serious going on such as a rupture cruciate ligament etc. I hope this helps and I hope he feels better soon.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I will let him rest and maybe try and massage it a little to see if he will let me stretch it out and look at it better. Thanks for the response. I hope this is the case and some rest and care will help him receover without further incident.