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My dog (havanese) is 58 days pregnant today and tonight her

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My dog (havanese) is 58 days pregnant today and tonight her temp dropped to 98.8. I have not been taking it regularly but did once last week and it was 101.6 and earlier today it was 100.5. Now it is 98.8. Should I be prepared for pups in 12-24 hours? She will be 59 days tomorrow. Also is it too early for her to deliver?

Yes, it is true that the body temperature will drop 12-24 hours before going into labor. I would expect within 24 hours she will start having signs of labor which include restlessness, contractions, whining, squatting, nesting. No it is not to early to deliver, the puppies should be fine. I would just leave her alone, don't bother her too much or that could delay the onset of labor. Don't stress her out. Have a nice quiet comfortable place for her to have the puppies. You can just check on her periodically and if she is having constant pushing and no puppies are produced within 2-4 hours she may be having trouble. Or if you can obviously see a puppy is not progressing once she starts to push it out. But like I said I would not get too concerned unless there is no puppy after 4 hours of active labor (actually contracting and pushing). Usually it is best just to let nature take its course rather than interfering too soon.

Best wishes for you and your dog (probably will be harder on you than her),
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Will her temperature drop any lower before whelping? Could the 98.8 be a usual temperature for her? I just want to be sure she is really is going to be in labor so I can stay home and it not end up being labor. I have read alot of stuff on dogs temps online (how ture they are I don't know) that a dogs temp can range from 99-102
Most normal dogs are around 101.5, there is a range but 98.8 is not usually in that normal range, not in the dogs that I see on a daily basis. Most are 101.5 - 102.5. Some sick dogs will have a lower temperature, but since we know she is pregnant and close to her gestation date, I would attribute the temp change to that. In most cases the temp will drop up to 2 degrees. I am sorry that I cannot guarantee that your dog will go into labor, it is not an exact science as I am sure you know. There is no 100% way to predict. So you could end up staying home and she not go into labor. Wish I could guarantee it for you but we just can't.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Her temp is now 99.5. I will just plan on her whelping soon. Thanks for all your help and I understand you can't make a guarantee on it, nobody can, only her! One other thing I wanted to know if if you think her temp will drop any lower than it already has?
I would say the low should be around 97.5 - 98. But I wouldn't stress her out by taking her temp too often. I would just let her take it easy and then check the temp again in the morning if nothing happens overnight.

Thank you and good luck with everything,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I checked her temp. again this morning because nothing happened overnight and her temp was 101.6. I just took it again this afternoon and she is 99.6. So should I not really plan on puppies anytime soon.
I would say you have a few days to go if the temp is not staying down. Most dogs will deliver exactly on the 63rd day, but can happen as early as 58 days. I would just keep checking it twice day.