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my dog (age 14, female) has not urinated or pooped in 3-4 days.

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my dog (age 14, female) has not urinated or pooped in 3-4 days. She had a tumor rupture inside her vagina last week. I took her to the vet for heavy bleeding from her vulva. Vet gave me antibiotics and pain meds. Bleeding has since stopped, but she cannot go potty. She also has some sort of large tumor on her butt (not blocking the anal opening, but presumably adding pressure.) She is not whining or seem to be in too much pain/acting strange. I am afraid her bladder may rupture while I am at work...what should I do? She is not spayed. ALl her mammaries have big tumors. Should I put her down now? Wait for more pain? How will I know when it is time?

Hello. Thanks for writing in. Sorry to hear that your girl is having problems. Is she attempting to urinate at all with no urination coming out? What about defectation? Is she straining to do this also? How is her appetite? Any vomiting or diarrhea?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

She is straining to urinate, in position time after time, with nothing coming out. I ahve not seen her try to poop at all. I've been giving her 2 c canne dpumpkin daily for 2 -3 days to soften stool and increase fiber. But haven;t "seen" her poop. Because I've been loading her up w pumpkin, though, I've been leaving her outside all day while I am at work -- so she could be pooping. BUT I see her TRY to pee all the time with now result.


She is drinking water when I offer it to her and she is still eating with coaxing...dry food with some canned chicken soup broth mixed in.


Thanks for the information. I have one more question for you. If you press on either side of her abdomen, is she very painful? Do you feel a large, firm, water balloon type organ in there?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I tried pressing ear;ier today and she didnt complain, but maybe I wasnt pressing ahrd enough or int he rigt place...near the ribs or closer to her hind legs? sorry...
Press closer to the hind legs. Let me know if you feel a large, water balloon like organ there. It will probably be firmer than a water balloon.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

honestly, i don;t know what i am feeling fopr. i dont feel anything, though she is very overweight at this point (thyroid). I do feel some har things close to the surface of the skin, like the size of a plum..but I think these are tumors. Deep within, I didnt feel anything. She didnt seem to mind me pressing and squeezing...


Thanks for the information. This can definitely be difficult to do if you don't really know what you are looking for. The multiple attempts to urinate does have me concerned. This can be a urinary tract infection, urinary stones or bladder tumor. The bladder tumor can be blocking the opening of the urethra from the bladder. It is not very common for a female dog to have a blockage in the urethra itself due to the larger diameter and shorter length as compared to a male dog. A complete blockage would cause urine to build up in the bladder without being able to eliminate it. A very full bladder would make her feel like she has to urinate constantly, but no urine would be coming out. This is usually very painful when you press on the abdomen, unless the bladder just hasn't gotten that big yet. Infection or other sources of inflammation would produce some of the same signs, but they usually eliminate small amounts of urine at a time, so the bladder doesn't get very big. A urinary tract infection is curable with antibiotics, but bloodwork needs to be done to make sure there are not underlying metabolic problems with infection. This would include diabetes, kidney failure/infection, cushing's disease (adrenal glands), among others. Bladder stones, crystals and tumor would also cause this. Of course, a bladder tumor is worse case scenerio and may be the scenerio that makes euthanasia the best course of therapy at this point. I would recommend bringing her into your vet first thing tomorrow morning to get this evaluated. They would need to do a rectal exam on her as well to see if she is constipated. If she seems in real distress tonight, is still attempting to urinate constantly, starts vomiting or getting more weak and painful; I would consider bringing her into your nearest emergency vet tonight to get evaluated. Certainly if you feel that her quality of life is no longer what it used to be, and she seems very uncomfortable to you, especially if this is not resolving, it may be time to euthanize her. You, better than anyone else, will know when that time has come. I tell all my clients who are trying to make this decision to not second guess themselves. Their first instinct is usually the right one. None of us what to see our loving companions suffer. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

thanks. vet did say she felt some tumors insode her vagina. am wondering if i can give her a human suppository to make her poop, or if by inserting my finger into her recutm it may "convince" he to poop....I used to ahve to do this to my infant son with a thermometer... she is resting fine tonight as I stress out. Someone will come stay with her tomorrow while I am at work. Is there antyihg I can do to help her pee? cranberry juice? some sort of vaginal suppository to reduce swelling?



I definitely wouldn't recommend giving her a human suppository. They can cause severe electrolyte abnormalities in dogs and cats. You can try inserting your finger into the rectum, but I wouldn't recommend doing this without a glove and lube. It won't necessarily induce her to poop if she is truly constipated. She would need a warm, soapy water enema if that is the case. Not something I would recommend doing at home. The tumors in the vagina wouldn't cause an obstruction unless covering the urethral oriface completely. Usually, the urine will find its way around the tumors in the vagina. You can try cranberry juice, but it won't help really with an infection or urinary blockage. It may help with some bladder inflammation, but that is about it. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

thanks 4 advice. will skip the suppository. will try the finger insertion w/ lube/glove ( I doubt she's consitpated as I've been giving her 2 c canne pumpkin for 2-3 days. I think vet though tumors could be covering urethral a dog, is the urethra INSIDE the vagina? forgive me...I'll keep an eye on her tomorrow. For now she is fine...not showing signs of pain, though I dont know how. Like you said, I gues I'll "know" when it is time. IF her bladder long till it/spesis actually kills her and how will I know if it happens?


The urethra connects the bladder to the vaginal vault. There is an opening in the vagina just above the vagina called the urethral opening, that opens into the vaginal vault. It may take a couple days to cause sepsis and death with a ruptured bladder. Not necessarily a way I would want her to go, though. If she gets a urinary blockage, she will become very painful and sick first. I would consider euthanasia long before the bladder ruptures. Please let me know if you have any other concerns. Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you SOOO much for your time. This service is WONDERFUL. You helped alleviate my stress. I will recommend it to others.


Gardiner, NY

Your are very welcome, Michelle. Thanks. Please let me know if I can be of any other service.