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Walter, Breeder
Category: Dog
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Experience:  Breeder and pet health consultant. Have spent a number of years with dog rescue, training and health
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my dog has a open wound he will not stop licking and its getting

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my dog has a open wound he will not stop licking and it's getting worse what can we put on it to help healing. He's had a cone on for about 2 months and it almost heals then we take off the cone and it's all open again in a couple of days.



Open wounds can be a pain to deal with when they are persistent such as this, though there are things you can do to help clear it up fast and painless.


Your first step (You can skip this if you have already done it) Is to shave the fur down as close to the skin as you can get it. This helps prevent infection and allows for easy access for treatment. It also allows the area to dry faster.


First off you will need to clean the area throughly with soap and water. Rinse all the soap off. Then clean with Betadine Scrub to kill any bacteria or germs.. You will need to wash the area with soap and water once a day.


The biggest issue is keeping him from scratching or licking the area. If you are unable to keep him from licking or chewing the area then I would suggest picking up a e collar at your local pet store to keep him from licking it.


You can use over-the-counter hydrocortison creams as well to help heal this quicker. I prefer Neosporin with pain reliever. You can wrap this with guaze and tape as well to help prevent infection. If this does not clear up with the above method in 7 days I would recommend setting up a vet appointment. He may need a antibiotic to help clear this up.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I've done all these things I need new ideas that will help him to stop licking the wound, he's preventing it from healing.



A dogs natural urge is to lick when they have a wound......its a dogs urge and nothing you put on it is going to stop him from licking it. The only way to keep him from licking is to use a E collar (A Elisabeth collar) this will prevent him from gaining access to the wound.


As long as he keeps licking the wound it will continue to not heal. You have to use a E collar and the above method to keep it clean and dry.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
is the e collar the same as a cone? We have gone through 2 of them and they break so easy if he bumps into anything. The wound will just be a pink scar and we think it is healed enough to take the collar off and he will lick the scar till it is all open again. I'm not quite satisfied with your answers yet. anything else that will help? his vet recomened acupuncture I'm not sure though.



If he is breaking the cone then you will need to get one of the fabric ones. These do not break and are better for more active dogs. You have to keep the collar on until it is 100% healed. Even after it scabs over you have to keep it on until the wound is secure and will not re break open. This could take a few weeks up to a few months to get it strong.


I am sorry you are not satisfied with my answers, I wish I had a magic fix for you. But the fact remains that the best and most effective route for healing is as explained above. I know you have tried this all before, but the reality is you have to keep at it until it is fully healed. As for the acupuncture, I do not have enough experience in it to tell you one way or the other. I have personally never used it as I have not heard of any good results for wound healing.


If you would like you can always opt me out and if any other experts have additional information they can offer they will come on and post. Again I am sorry you are not satisfied with my answer, and I do wish you the best with your situation.