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Dr Pete
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My dog has been bitten by another dog. She has puncture wound

Resolved Question:

My dog has been bitten by another dog. She has puncture wound to one side of her top lift paw and another on her pit area. She is limping slightly but otherwise ok. I have cleaned the wounds with salt water and put on an anticeptic cream. She is upto date with her jabs and so is the dog that bit her
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr Pete replied 8 years ago.
Yes, you are doing all the right things. You learnt well from the previous incident.
In actual fact the puncture wounds can be more of a problem than small lacerations. With punctures, bacteria can be driven deep into the tissue and there is poor drainage allowing the wound to fester. Lacerations being more open drain better.
The salt water bathing is good. 1 teaspoon salt per pint of water. Repeat this every 6 hours until you see a vet. A vet check is quite important early to hopefully prevent an abscess forming....that is likely to be what happened last time.
Early antibiotics is also important and you have started that already. That is also good.
The health status and vaccination status of the other dog is only important from the point of view of rabies if you are in a rabies area. The infections caused by dog bites comes from bacteria residing in dogs' mouths and vaccination doesn't prevent that.
So I repeat that you will be wise to see your vet soon.
I hope I have reassured you.
Kindest regards, Peter
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