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9month old german shepherd puppy with chronic loose stools.

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9month old german shepherd puppy with chronic loose stools. what goes in comes out in 15 minutes or less. What high fiber food to feed?

I'd suggest having your vet check the pup for a digestive problem seen in this breed called pancreatic insufficiency which you can read about here

But only if you have already ruled out giardia or coccidia infections.

For that a really fresh stool sample can be checked by your vet. Your pup may need meds or supplements to get over this.

A really digestable food such as California Natural or an alternative diet such as Wellness fish and potato might work for him if its a food sensitivity issue.

You can read about inflammatory bowel here

Hope this helps you!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Vet checked no infections. as young puppy she wanted to eat her feces. Has stopped this though.

OK then next step would be a check for intestinal parasites such as worms (see links for info)


or giardia

And usually a very fresh stool sample is all that you need to bring to the vet to get the pup checked for those.

If that isn't it then the vet would do a blood work test for the pancreas issue.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Are there any natural supplements for this pancreas issue.We are a military family with a limited income.I am a fulltime student with a oneyear old son.Cost is definately something we have to consider.

If you read the first link in the above answer on the pancreas issue it says in part

"In some instances, raw pig pancreas can be used. The pancreas needs to come from animals certified as healthy by an approved meat inspector. Accurate dosing is more difficult with the raw pancreas, but in general, a 45-pound dog would need to receive 3 to 4 ounces of the chopped pancreas. The raw pancreas can be frozen at -4ºF for up to 3 months and still retain its enzyme activity."

But the problem may be parasites and curable by use of the meds for whichever parasites show up.

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