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Hi The Previcox seems to be working in the sense that Lucky

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The Previcox seems to be working in the sense that Lucky is starting to walk
better and more assured.
She is still lethargic, drinking just a little bit of water, and only eating chicken.
We are giving her 20mg of Pepcid with the chicken. Some of the chicken
has stayed down and some she has thrown up. Appetite is poor.
She is attentive and alert. She is peeing and she did poop once.
She is talking the 227mg of Previcox. Instead of giving her one pill once
a day, what do you think about giving her half a Previcox twice a day.
Any other ideas, suggestions, would be greatly appreciated.

# XXXXX of appetite- yes
# XXXXX in drinking habits (refusal to drink or increased water consumption) - very reduced water consumption
# XXXXX pattern of urination, blood in the urine, sweet-smelling urine, an overabundance of urine, urine accidents in the house - had two accidents
# XXXXX twice in the last 36 hours
# XXXXX no
# XXXXX tarry stools or flec
Thanks for writing in,

Some dogs respond better to one anti-inflammatory vs. another. I am glad to see that you discontinued the Rimadyl for three days before starting the Previcox, as combining the two can cause alot of GI problems. My concern though is that she is experiencing GI problems associated with the Previcox. What I would actually suggest you do is discontinue the Previcox for a day or two until her appetite comes back and she is no longer vomiting. Based on your info, I gather that she is having black tarry stool?? This is a sign that she could have a GI bleed or ulcer, yet another reason to stop this medication. If you have any Sucralfate at home I would suggest you give this to her. Pepcid is used to decrease the acidity but won't do much for an ulcer.

Once she has stopped vomiting and is eating again, wait another 12 hours or so to restart the Previcox. When you do, make sure it is always administered with food and I would do as you suggested by splitting it into two doses. I think it is just easier on their stomachs.

If this continues then I would definitely bring her to the vet so that they can get her some medications for GI bleed. I have seen very bad NSAID ulcer formations in stomachs that has actually led to a perforation or a tear in the stomach. This is bad news. So stop the meds and see how she does.

IF she didn't do so well on the Rimadyl, but didn't have GI issues, talk with your vet about going back to this and adding Tramadol for pain. There are no side effects with tramadol

Best of luck. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

No black tarry stool at all. Does it make sense to try two half pill dosage first or even
just a half a pill for a few days rather than give her nothing. She did very poorly on
Tramadol as this was the medicine the Vet gave her in between the Rimadyl and
Previcox. On the Tramadol she got very unstable walking almost like a "druken
sailor" at times. We have seen an improvement in her walking on just 3 days of
Previcox, it is just all the side effects that have us so concerned.

From your experience being she is experencing many of the common
side effects of Previcox is it still possible that she can adjust to it still being that
it is only 3 days. Being part shepard her rear legs had started giving out with the
Rimadyl after almost 2 years of good results on the medicine. If not Previcox or
Rimadyl, is there anything else we should consider to deal with her arthritis?


Dan Myers
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Just noticed that the list of commone side effects for Rimadyl I sent earlier was
cutoff and not complete. Here is the complete list.

  • loss of appetite- yes
  • change in drinking habits (refusal to drink or increased water consumption) - very reduced water consumption. drank milk yesterday, not today.
  • unusual pattern of urination, blood in the urine, sweet-smelling urine, an overabundance of urine, urine accidents in the house - had two accidents
  • vomiting- twice in the last 36 hours
  • diarrhea- no
  • black, tarry stools or flecks of blood in the vomit-no, 2 poops in last 3 days, one lose, one normal, no blood or black tarry stool
  • lethargy, drowsiness, hyperactivity, restlessness, aggressiveness- lethargic
  • staggering, stumbling, weakness or partial paralysis, full paralysis, seizures, dizziness, loss of balance- this happened on Tramadol, better now on Previcox
  • jaundice (yellowing of the skin, mucus membranes and whites of the eyes) no
  • Ok good, I'm glad there is no tarry stool. Because of the vomiting and lack of appetite I would absolutely discontinue the medication. Three days is a good wash out period but there have been no studies that have shown exactly how long to wait between NSAIDS, for all we know it could be two weeks! So definitely stop the Previcox incase the RImadyl is still impacting the GI tract, we don't want Previcox on top of that. Wait until the signs subside then add back in the previcox but with food. I would also look into other modalities for treating arthritis, I rarely rely on just one. I would make sure she is on a Joint Diet Such as HIlls J/D, or purina J/M. You can give her fish oil in her diet, glucosamin chondroiten, and even look into acupuncture. I have seen several dogs respond wonderfully to acupuncture!! I know it sounds weird to some, but it really does work for these guys. Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Appreciate your comments and suggestions. Being she had no GI problems at
    all when on Rimadyl for 2 years, and all this started since Tramadol and Previcox,
    it seems unlike that Rimadyl is causing any of these problems.
    If she is on no meds then of course she will be in a lot of pain. Is there something
    else we can put her on temporarily besides the Tramadol to give her some relief.
    from the pain? No easy decisions here. We have gone thru a lot of the last 8 days
    to get her off Rimadyl and onto Previcox. If she can't tolerate Previcox then of course
    she can't, but have we given it a fair shake being it is only three days.


    Dan Myers
    This isn't to say that she won't be able to tolerate Previcox. I just think there hasn't been enough time inbetween stopping the Rimadyl and Previcox, again there is no magic number for the number of days you should wait. Its up to you what you decide to do. I would wait then atleast a day before trying the half tab twice per day. Let that stomach rest if it needs to. I completely understand that we don't want her to be in any pain, but I just don't want to be causing more harm then good.
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Just came back from a walk. She did pee again, though I do not know where it
    is coming from since she is drinking so little. She did throw up all yellow liquid
    this time. So is there anything we can give her besides the 20mg of Pepcid
    twice a day. Should we let her stomach just rest and not try and force her to eat
    While writing this, she just have a big drink after the walk and throwing up.
    She obviously is not feeling well. Just want her to be as comfortable as possible.


    Dan Myers
    Yes, don't feed her right now. Wait until she calms down and offer a very small amount of water, about 5 laps. Wait an hour and if she hasn't thrown up, she can have five more. take it very slow with her. IF she hasn't thrown up by tomorrow morning, redose the pepcid and give 1/4 of the normal amount of food and see how she does with that.

    I would love for her to have sucralfate which is alike a bandaid for the GI tract. It would stick to any ulcerations and protect them. That is something that would have to be dispensed by a vet though. If you are able to bring her to an emergency vet you can do that. They will give you sucralfate as well as give her some fluids under her skin to help prevent dehydration. Otherwise, just take it easy on her stomach.
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Okay sounds like a plan. What do we do if she does not want to eat or drink? We
    were fortunate that she just wanted to drink after this short walk 20 mins ago.
    Which is more likely side effects of the Previcox that she hopefully can get over
    or interaction between her old meds and the new one? Is there any way to tell?
    With all the other symptons she has, how do we tell if she is dehydrated?
    Her nose is wet and cold, She is alert to what is going on, just seems really out
    of it


    Dan Myers
    It would take quite a bit of vomiting for her to become dehydrated. You would notice that her skin would remain standing if you pinched it and pulled it up. Right now it likely just pops right back down. Her eyes may appear sunken and her gums would be tachy and dry rather than moist. when her stomach feels a bit better she will want to eat and drink, just make sure it is small amounts frequently, we don't want to overload the stoamch. LIke I said, if she continues to vomit then this can indicate that she has severe gastric ulceration and should be seen by a vet for supportive care.
    LSU-Vet and 2 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Thank you so much for all your time and responding so quickly. What I did not mention
    before is that last November on Thanksgiving, something about Lucky and holidays,
    she got Leptospirosis which of course she did recover from. So the last 4 months
    we have been through a lot with her. Again all blood and urine test from April 3rd
    indicate very good numbers for liver and kidney function. We had heard such good
    things about Previcox, and never imagined we would be going through something
    like this.We just want her to be as pain free as possible, whether it is Previcox,
    Rimadyl, or something else. I would like to followup with you on Sunday or Monday
    the latest if you are going to be online.

    regards XXXXX XXXXX so much again
    Dan and Nancy Myers
    I will hopefully see that you have replied. I will be with family tomorrow, but will be on and off, so when I see you have replied I will be sure to get back to you right away. <br /><br />I sure do hope your girl does fine with all this. Hopefully after we get through this she will continue to do fine on Previcox especially since you saw such great improvement with it. I know what its like to have a dog with arthritis and it can be just as painful for you to watch as it is for them. Take care. <br /><br />
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.


    Much better day today for Lucky. She has started drinking more water,
    has eaten a bit more food, and has not thrown up at all yet. We decided to give
    her 1/2 the Previcox in the AM and will give her the other half 12 hours later.
    We gave her 20mg of Pepcid this morning and another 20mg with dinner.
    She did have dirrehea but it was not bloody looking or black at all, just liquidy.
    She is peeing okay, and is pretty alert.

    Perhaps we have turned the corner after having a couple of really rough days.

    Wondering if you could help us out on another matter with Lucky that has taken
    a back seat. Starting about a month ago, she started rubbing one side of her chin
    either on the rug or wall. We had our Vet look at it when she had her blood work
    a couple of weeks ago. Her teeth looked okay to her, and she thought that a crooked
    tooth was causing an irritation on her gum. She gave us Mupirocin ointment
    to put on her lip twice a day which has not really helped. When you look at
    her mouth and the area that she is rubbing, it basically looks fine. No redness
    or swelling. Vet says due to her age it is too risky for her to be put under for a bad
    tooth or orthodonture work,

    Any ideas what might be causing her to rub and rub and rub?

    regards XXXXX XXXXX

    Dan Myers

    Glad to hear she is doing better.

    The rubbing issue is quite interesting. . . I would possibly have your vet do a skin cytology on the area to look for any yeast. Yeast is quite itchy and Mupirocin is unlikely to do anything for yeast. Otherwise, a skin biopsy would be needed but I do not know of too many conditions that would cause this rubbing. Ask about a skin cytology though.
    LSU-Vet and 2 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    thanks for taking time out of your family day to respond. I will look into the skin cytology and yeast angle with Lucky's rubbing problem. Though I have been using the same Vet for 15
    years, your care, compassion, and dedication shines through in these emails. I wish
    we lived closer to you.

    thanks again.

    Dan Myers
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Just wanted to update you on Lucky. Things are continuing to improve.
    Appetite is good today, though mostly plain people food like chicken and
    unseasoned ground beef. Also gave her some vanilla yogurt with active cultures
    as well as 20mg of Pepcid twice during the day. Drinking well, alert, taking longer walks.
    Giving her half a 227mg Previcox twice a day with food.

    Everything has improved since Saturday's low point, except for she has not pooped normally yet. Yesterday and today just a very liquidy but normal color, no red color or
    black tarry color. Anything to worry about or she just needs a little more time to get things
    back to normal?
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Resend, not sure this got sent out correctly the first time a few minutes ago

    Just wanted to update you on Lucky. Things are continuing to improve.
    Appetite is good today, though mostly plain people food like chicken and
    unseasoned ground beef. Also gave her some vanilla yogurt with active cultures
    as well as 20mg of Pepcid twice during the day. Drinking well, alert, taking longer
    walks. Giving her half a 227mg Previcox twice a day with food.

    Everything has improved since Saturday's low point, except for she has not pooped
    normally yet. Yesterday and today just a very liquidy but normal color, no red color or
    black tarry color. Anything to worry about or she just needs a little more time to get
    back to normal?
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Hello Again:

    Lucky has fully adjusted to the Previcox and seems to be doing better than when she was on Rimadyl. I have read some articles and talked to some other pet owners who suggest that I give her a supplement like Chondro-Flex II. What are your thoughts?

    regards XXXXX XXXXX

    Dan Myers
    Hi Dan,

    I'm glad to hear Lucky is doing so well!! Yes, I would highly suggest you start her on a glucosamine supplement. This will help the cartlidge in her joints. I would also look into a joint diet such as Hill's J/d. Some studies have shown that a joint diet increased the mobility of a dogs arthritic joints more so then a dog on a regular dog food and an NSaid. Something to think about! Talk to you soon. . .
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.
    Hello again. Need your advice again. Lucky continues to do well on the Previcox and
    Chrondro-Flex supplement. She just turned 14 last friday so we are thankful and grateful for everyday we have with her. She has been eating and drinking fine, but her bowel has
    been a bit loose, not diahera, just loose. We took her off dog food and started giving her cooked ground beef and rice which goobles up. Then today for the last couple of hours she has been licking her mouth a lot. She has pee'd today but not pooped yet. I am
    a nervous wreck thinking something is really wrong, when it might just be a stomach
    something. Again she is alrert, eats okay, drinks fine, peeing, taking walks, just licking her mouth a lot today and has not made. Think it is anything to worry about. I know with out seeing her yu can't know for sure, but I would appreciate any feedback as my Vet is not available and I do not want to bring her someplace new.

    Lucky's nervous owner Dan Myers
    HI there!
    Glad to hear she is still doing well. This could or couldn't be associated with the Previcox. The lip licking can indicate nausea, but its good to see that she is still eating well. Instead of ground beef, I would suggest boiled chicken breast, just less fatty and more gentle on her belly. You can give her pepcid at a dose of 0.5mg/pound to decrease the acidity in her stomach and help her feel better. You can also put a 1/2 teaspoon -1teaspoon of plain yogurt on her food to help replace the "good"bacteria in her GI tract and hopefully this will help with that stool. IF its something that continues or gets worse then for sure take her to your vet at that time. HOpe this helps!!
    LSU-Vet and 2 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    thank you for the quick reply and suggestions. Will try the yogurt, and chicken instead of
    beef plus start giving her a 20mg of Pepcid like we did when she first started with
    Previcox. Hopefully it will pass and not be serious.

    thanks again for you help and care

    Dan Myers
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Is it okay to give Lucky the Pepcid on a regular basis or should only do it
    when seems to be having a stomach problem???

    Sorry, I didn't see you replied! If this is a frequent occurance it won't hurt at all to give it on a daily basis, but since its been a few weeks since last talking to you, you can do it as needed.
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Hi, just wanted to update you, a lot has been going on since we last chatted.

    5/27 Wed: Continued Chicken, Rice, Yogurt diet and giving her Pepcid w meals.
    Pooped okay thought we had turned the corner.

    5/28 Thurs Did not pooped. Overnite into Friday morning threw up and and had
    bad diaherra. Did not feed her anything.

    5/29 Friday Brought her to Vet. They gave her Thorazine and Cerenia injections and
    they took blood. No Previcox and gave us Low Residue food, IAMS Gave
    us two days worth of Cerenia pills. Did not throw up or poop at all

    5/30 Saturday BUN was 55 and Creatine was 1.1. Vet felt she has Pancreatitis.
    and not a Kidney problem since only the BUN was elevated. She said that
    voimiting and diaherra could elevate the BUN. She gave us 10 day supply
    of Baytril. Only ate IAM's special food twice, then refused to eat it again.
    She did drink water just fine. Definitely a little out of t, but figured it was the
    Cerenia and Baytril

    5/31 Sunday Poop'd a small amout, peeing okay, drinking water. Would not eat
    the special IAM's low residue. We decided it was more important for her to
    eat something than nothing. We gave her moist Benefil, her favorite dog food,
    and she ate the whole portion.

    Still no Previcox and she is doing surprisingly well still getting up and walking.
    How long does that stay in her system for she has not had any since Thursday

    Just wanted to get your take on the events of the last few days.

    regards XXXXX XXXXX

    Dan Myers

    HI there!

    There hasn't been any studies that show how long an NSAID stays in their system and continues to work once it is discontinued. Given my experience I would say 2-3 days max. Once she gets over this episode and restarts the Previcox, try giving it every other day or so and see how she responds, if still doing well you may be able to get her down to two or three times per week!
    As we discussed before, NSAIDS can cause gastric irritation and ulceration. The pepcid will help, but there is another medication called Sucralfate that will bind to any intestinal lesions and protect them. Another cause of high BUN is gastric bleeding, possibly due to an ulcer, or in her case it could be due to dehydration. So something to talk with your vet about as well. Best of luck! I'll talk to you soon!
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.


    Just got home from work. Lucky had been alone from 8:30am till 4pm. She did
    not eat anything we left her and just drank a little water. She did pee when I took
    her out, but did not want to take a walk. She is alert and her nose is wet and moist.
    She does not want dog food, crackers, chicken. Worried about her getting weak
    and dehydrated. She is only on Baytril and no Previcox. My Vet is already closed
    for the day. Any ideas, suggestions on getting her to eat and drink a bit more.
    She pooped last Wed very well, and just a little on Saturday. That has been it.
    I am off on Tuesday and was planning on spending the day nursing and caring
    for her. How long would you go before considering intevenous fluids or do we
    just have to wait and let this run its course. I know older dogs take longer to recover,
    but I do not want her to get too weak from not eating and only drinking minimal water.

    regards XXXXX XXXXX
    It's very difficult to force a dog to eat, so if she is not interested in eating, I would wait 8-10 hours to try again. By constantly trying to offer food, she may be forming a food aversion and won't take anything. This is also the case if her belly is uneasy. I'm glad she didn't vomit while you were gone! It really depends on how long it takes for a dog to become dehydrated, there are many factors that play into that. Vomiting is a big one though so if she was vomiting alot and not drinking much then she can become dehydrated much more quickly. Also, you want to be careful with Baytril if she isn't eating or drinking. If she seems nauseated at all, drooling, or still wanting to vomit, you should speak with your vet about continuing the Cerenia which will help with the vomiting. Also, see how she does tonight, but if she isn't improving, then I would take her to your vet tomorow. A day or so of IV fluids would do her justice, as dehydration can make a dog feel crummy which leads to further dehydration. She then may want to eat.
    Something else to consider is doing some abdominal xrays if not already done and an abdominal ultrasound which may show lesions in the stomach. Labwork tomorrow will also indicate dehydration and rechecking that BUN would be a good idea too.
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Just wanted to give you an update on Lucky. The urine tests all were okay according
    to the Vet, proteins, concentration etc. She is still on Baytril, pepcid, and as of
    yesterday back on Previcox. We have not done another blood test yet. Last friday
    before she started Baytril, BUN was 55. How important is it we check BUN again?
    Want to do the right thing, but do not want to stress her out any more than necessary.

    Getting her to eat still is the biggest issue. She has become super finicky which she
    never was. Chicken, scrambled eggs, and little yogurt are the things she will eat most
    of the time, but no dog food. She is drinking a reasonable amount of water.
    Is she just being stubborn or is there a medical reason that we will not eat any
    dog food of any kind.? Even taking the pills has become a challange. She would
    always take them either straight or with a little cream cheese, now sometimes we
    have to force it down her. Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts would be greatly

    regards XXXXX XXXXX

    Dan Myers
    I would definitely have her BUN checked again. As you know there are several reasons for this to be elevated: dehydration, kidney disease, and gastric bleeding. Did you ask your vet about using the sucralfate on her? Just make sure you don't give that within two hours of the pepcid as they bind eachother and render one another useless. It will coat her belly and protect any ulcerations she may have. You don't want to give the Previcox if she isn't eating well, this will also hurt her stomach and make her not want to eat. Have you tried various canned diets?? Warming them seems to make them more enticing as well. Just be sure you dont' cause a food aversion by offering too many things at once. IF she doesn't want anything, wait a period before offering any more.
    ALso, if she continues to have a problem with the PRevicox, you can try a pain medication called Tramadol which I use quite frequently in patients that can't tolerate NSAIDS or in conjunction with them. Another great option is acupuncture. It does wonders for arthritic dogs.
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.


    Hi just wanted to you know that Lucky started feeling better after we stopped the
    Baytril after 6 days and also stopped the Previcox, Pepcid, and supplement.
    This was last Friday and since then her appetite is fine, she is eating dog food
    again. The question we are pondering is whether to put her back on Previcox,
    back on theRimadyl she use to be on, something else, or nothing at all. She gets
    up and down okay, but sort of walks like a drunken sailor. It seems to me more
    like her balance may be off than being stiff from arthritis. Is there some test
    we can give her to determine whether she is having problems with arthritis or
    something else??

    regards XXXXX XXXXX

    Dan Myers
    HI Dan.

    Glad to hear all is well. YOu have a very good question. IN older dogs they can develop a degenerative neuropathy, where basically the nerve conduction from the spinal cord to the legs is being interrupted. This is very commonly mistaken for arthritis or is seen with arthritis. A neuro exam would be the best diagnostic tool, as there is no real "test" that can be done to differentiate. If your vet isn't comfortable with this then a referrel to a veterinary neurologist would be your best bet. They will basically be looking for slow reflexes, proprioception (does Lucky know where his feet are), etc. So speak with your vet about this.

    As far as keeping LUcky on the meds that is a tough decision since I can't see her. You can use the Previcox 2-3 times per week if you think that will maintain her or even just as needed. If you are going to take her for a walk or you know she will have a strenous day then you can give her one before any of that occurs or wait to see if she needs it. Keep the tramadol on hand incase you get too far behind and she seems painful. I would continue any glucosamine chondroitin supplements though and use the Pepcid when you give the Previcox. Have a good day!
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Another roller coaster couple of days with Lucky. We ended up at the animal
    hospital this morning after she fell down three times try to get her to talk a walk.
    The Vet there gave her a complete physical, did blood work, and took x-rays.
    There was some evidence of some calcification on some of her vertbra, stomach,
    lungs look fine His reflex test of her rear legs did indicate some neuro-muscular issue.

    However for a 14 year old dog, he thought she was in decent shape. This was the
    same Vet that had treated her back last Thanksgiving for Leptosporosis. Her
    blood work was fine, BUN, Creatine, etc and again x-ray's showed nothing to
    be concerned about.

    He gave us Rimadyl 1/2 pill twice a day and Tramadol 50mg every 8 hours to take.
    We gave her one Tramadol and 1/2 a pill of Rimadyl 5 hours ago, and it has
    really knocked her out. Then I remembered after we gave her the Tramadol today
    that back in April when we were switching from Rimadyl to Previcox that our
    vet put her on Tramadol for a few days, but she did not seem to respond well
    to it. We thought at the time that perhaps it was the switching of the meds.
    Even though Tramadol has a great reputation will little or no side effects,
    could the dose be too high or she be the one rare dog that has a problem with
    Tramadol? She had been on Rimadyl for a couple of years prior to April without
    any real issues other than it seemed not to be working as well, thus the switch
    to Previcox.

    She has only drank water today and had a few bites of hamburger.

    Any thoughts, comments, suggestions, would be appreciated


    Dan Myers
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Sorry I did not give you a chance to reply to my previous message. Since her
    physical, x-rays, and blood are fine, could her falling down problem be caused
    by the fact that she has not been on any ani-inflmatories for almost two weeks?
    Could the reason she is really out of it now be casued by taking one 50mg Tramadol?
    I understand that Tramadol is almost like a narcotic and has a great reputation for
    dealing with pain, but it seems like it has thrown her for a loop.
    I know it will take a couple of days for the Rimadyl to kick in, and she had tolerated
    it very well for almost two years, so it should work again.
    I did just get her to eat a hamburger, so that plus a big drink of water when she got
    back from the animal hospital is all she has had today.


    Dan Myers
    Hi Dan,

    The Tramadol dose is fine for Lucky, it is in the low to mid range of the dosage that would be acceptable for her. I have heard on some occasions that it really does make dogs lethargic and seem out of it. So this is likely what is going on here. The weakness could be from no anti-inflammatories or it could be due to a nervous problem which seems like she may also have given her reflexes. Other things to speak with your vet about is the use of gabapentin for the pain. This is an older drug that is starting to get alot of attention again. I have used it in some chronic pain dogs with great success. Unfortunately one of the side effects can be sedation, but you can see how she does with that. If your vet feels that she is still in alot of pain another drug to try would be amantadine. I like to take a multi-modality approach with these guys to stop the pain at various locations along the nervous pathway. So speak with your vet about those as well. Remember, we want to continue weight loss if she is at all overweight. GIven her condition I would actually prefer to see her on the lighter side of normal. Makes it much easier for her joints!! I hope this answered all of your questions. Let me know how the new drugs go!
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    Just wanted to let you know, that we lost Lucky yesterday. They believe that
    despite all the x-rays and blood work looking fine, that she either had a stroke
    or a tumor at the base of the brain.

    Thank you for all your help, support, care, love, and ideas. I am truly sorry that
    you never meet her, she was so special. Best of luck to you.


    Dan Myers
    Oh I am so sorry for your loss! Did she pass away at home? I know this time is very difficult for you and your family. It was obvious that Lucky was very well loved and taken care of and was a very "lucky" girl. My sincere condolences to your family. Take care.
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.

    She passed at the animal hospital that had saved her last November when she
    got lepto sporosis. Early on they thought it might be Vestibular disease, but after
    a neuro consult on Saturday morning, they felt it was much more serious. They
    tried different treatments to get the swelling down in her brain, but nothing worked.
    We were with her when she passed on, and are devastated of course.

    thanks again
    Dan Myers
    Again I am very sorry. I feel like I know Lucky as well so I am quite upset to hear of her passing as well. Remember those great years you had with her and know that you did everything in your power to make her last few months as comfortable as possible. I'll miss our weekly chats, but do let me know if you decide to add anyone else new to the family in the future. Take care.