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My 7 mo old pomeranian is in heat for the first time. It has

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My 7 mo old pomeranian is in heat for the first time. It has been about 1.5-2 wks now and the last two mornings, she vomited what looks like yellowish saliva. I also noticed a small lump on her rear left side...looks like a crusted/scabby pimple. Is this both normal?


I'm sorry to hear that your girl is having this issue. During the heat cycle hormone changes may cause a dog to vomit, one also must keep in mind that dogs in heat can be prone to uterine infections and the like as well (keep an eye on temerature and note if this continues). That said, being that she has this crusty area that you have described on her side, the vomitting may be due to this. Reactions to insect bites or stings can also cause this to occur. Clean the area with a saline solution and consider giving your vet a call to see about giving Benadryl (dogs with certain conditions should not take it). If her symptoms continue, or worsen, consider having her seen. I hope she's doing better soon.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you so much for your quick response! My pom is an inside dog so she RARELY goes outside...therefore, if it is not likely this little crusty lump is from an insect bite or sting, what else do you think could have caused this and is it dangerous?


No problem. Even if she is inside, house insects like spiders can leave behind a crusty scab along with vomitting. Also, mites, reactions to new shampoos/products and so on can lead to this. There are harmless cysts that can form as well and when scratched, they may leave behind an area as you have described. These can become infected and sometimes require an antibiotic. I hope she's doing better soon, they're a great breed.

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