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My dog has been sick with diarrhea (bloody stools) and vomiting

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My dog has been sick with diarrhea (bloody stools) and vomiting for about 36 hours. Her appetite is still good, but we haven't fed her since this morning (except for the milk bone she found at the vets office). We took her into the vet & they did a stool check & a number of blood tests from heart work to a pancreatic condition. The tests showed nothing, but they sent home an antibiotic and some soft food to try and give her tomorrow. Since we got home she has vomited 7 more times and continues with bloody stool- she also seems to be more lethargic- should we take her to another vet?
Did the vet take an x-ray?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no- they ran the following tests on her:parasite scree, hematology diagnostics, electrolyte anal., heartworm, heartworm snap 4DX, ehrilicia test, lyme test, heartworm test (microfilaria), anaplasma phagocytophillium, idexx lipase CPL snap teset, She gave us metronidzol to give her tomorrow 25 mg and a special canned food to gradually feed her tomorrow.
OK, thanks for the information. Was any medication administered for nausea? Any injections given?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no meds were given for nausea- as she hadn't vomited since yesterday
and she wasn't given any injections...only had a stool spec. & blood taken
OK, thanks for the information.

With the vomiting, I'm worried that there could be an intestinal foreign object, since young dogs are particularly prone to picking up and swallowing things they shouldn't. I make it a rule to x-ray any vomiting dog when I see one, many times the x-rays are normal, but sometimes there's something wrong that we find.

I would suggest bringing her to an emergency clinic tonight, in order to get some x-rays and an anti-nausea medication, if the x-rays are clear. It may just be that she has a more severe gastroenteritis than it originally seemed, or there may be a more serious problem that requires intervention!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
She swallowed an object when she was about 6 months old & we had to do surgery to remove a ball trapped between her small & large intestine. However, she was only vomiting and wasn't having diarrhea or bloody stools. Is diarrhea & bloody stool indicitive of a blocked intestine?   Do you suggest we go ahead and give her the antibiotic & chicken broth as instructed and take her in for an x-ray in the a.m.?
If she's vomiting and is more lethargic, I would not attempt to give her any medication or food at this time. I would let her stomach rest.

It is possible that her symptoms are associated with a blockage -- some dogs only vomit, some dogs have diarrhea too. Each patient is different, and depending on where the blockage is in the digestive tract, the symptoms can vary.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
do you think she will be o.k. to wait until tomorrow for an x-ray- I know she didn't have a temperature earlier and doesn't seem too uncomfortable at the moment?
If her gums are moist and pink, and she is alert and active, you may be able to wait. If she is becoming weaker, or her gums are dry/sticky, or pale, then you should not wait.

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