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my boston terrier is vomiting a clear-yellow foamy substance.

Resolved Question:

my boston terrier is vomiting a clear-yellow foamy substance. It smells terrible--like sour milk. She eats only science diet and has since I brought her home. She is only vomiting while crated. This occurs every couple/few days. I have tried fasting her, then she starts up again after I resume her normal diet. What are the possibilites/potential illnesses that would cause this symptom? Is there any home treatment I can provide?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Lisa replied 8 years ago.



She only vomits when she's in her crate?

How often is she in there, and for how long each time?

Does she always do it, or only once in a while?

How does she react to being in the crate (meaning..does she go in willingly, or do you have to place her in there)?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Stella seems to only vomit when crated and this is occuring every few days. She is in her crate at night which is when the vomiting occurs. She is also crated if I leave to run errands (usually a couple of hours). She will self crate, but does not want to go in if she has recently vomited. (the smell takes about a few hours to go away after cleaning and disinfecting). Hope this info helps! Thank you, Karen
Expert:  Lisa replied 8 years ago.

Thanks for answering!


Sounds to me as if your little girl might be having a little kennel anxiety. The reasons could be everything from her having a bad day to a noise outside that upsets her.


Since she doesn't do it often, there are a couple of products available that work really well on anxiety dogs, and don't require you to have her use them all the time (so you could only use them when she's in the kennel):


A couple things you could try would be:


Melantonin is an over-the-counter drug that can be used to treat some anxiety issues in dogs. The dose you would give would be up to 3 mg given orally whenever necessary up to every 8 hours. More information can be found here: , which includes risks, warning signs to watch out for and other bits of useful information.


Try a DAP collar. These are collars that are impregnated with a man-made version of the dog appeasing pheromone, which is a pheromone that nursing bitches give off to their pups to help them feel calm and secure. It's something that humans can't smell, but it has an amazing effect on dogs with anxiety and other issues. Although you can find them at your vet's can also find them online at places like and Ebay for much cheaper. Just make sure they're DAP brand, as they seem to work better than some other versions.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I didn't even think of an anxiety issue, so I will try the melatonin. She is usually a very mellow dog--considering she is a Boston. I really wish the vet could have given me a suggestion over the phone about possible anxiety and some home remedies to try before bringing her in.
It seems like they only want you to come in, then run a bunch of tests that cost you even more of the ever shrinking bank account--if there is one thing that does stress her out it is going to the vet/groomer where there are other dogs/cats present. That would completely stress her out. Since her best bud Bogie passed she has become completely agressive to ALL dogs, but I have not seen any outward signs of depression or stress and it's been a year.

I was worried that she had somehow eaten something she shouldn't have and that was the reason for the vomiting. (some type of GI bug/parasite from people food etc.) I am relieved that there doesn't appear to be an emergency situation.

Thank you for the suggestions, I am going to get her started asap w/the suggestions you made and hope that it relieves my frustration at cleaning up after her all the time, as well as helping her feel better!

Thanks again!
Karen K
Boise, ID