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robert baker
robert baker, Veterinarian
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My 78 pound lab got on the counter and ate 9 hard boiled

Resolved Question:

My 78 pound lab got on the counter and ate 9 hard boiled and all. What do I need to do as I know the egg shells are not good for him.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  robert baker replied 8 years ago.

Your animal will be fine there is no need to worry . I would NOT reccomend you trying to give hime anything for this but he may end up with a upset stomach but it will pass. Hope this has been helpful. please accept pay and feedback thank you god bless bonus is always appreciated

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

From the time I emailed the question, I called the local vet and they told me to give him hydogen peroxide to make him throw them up but you are telling me to do nothing. I am really confused. In your expert opinion I should not give him anything. I just want to be sure because I am afraid the shells might get lodged in his intentines.

Expert:  robert baker replied 8 years ago.
The egg shells will break down and there will be no problems except the upset stomach. Think of it this way when he pukes at first fine but then when there no liquid coming up and it is just pieces of egg shell could you imagine if that was you?Pieces of egg shell being forced back up through your throat??? ouch, do not make the animal throw up there is no need for it. Some people feed their dogs boiled eggs with the egg shells attached as it provides more protein. Maybe you could call another vet to get another opinion but your animals weight is enough that 9 eggs will not be a problem. Once again i want to reiterate there is no reason to do anything. please accept pay and feedback thank you and good luck
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