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Donna P.
Donna P., Veterinary Technician
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Experience:  Veterinary Technician with 15 years experience. Boston Terrier Breeder
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My dog ate a piece of sweet potatoe skin yesterday and strted

Customer Question

My dog ate a piece of sweet potatoe skin yesterday and strted bringing up this foXXXXX XXXXX slimy substance all over the house...I did also find vomit with some orange pieces in it. Now, however my dog has been acting strangely. She's just lying around , not barking eating or drinking. What should I do
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Donna P. replied 8 years ago.
The sweet potato skin is not toxic or anything - but it can cause some stomach upset. Vomiting white foam can be indicative of more of an upper respiratory infection or some irritation of the back of the throat. It is possible that the potato skin irritated her or maybe a piece is stuck between back teeth or something somewhere. I would examine her mouth well to make sure. Anything out of the ordinary can cause digestive upset. Some dogs are quite sensitive. The most common recommendation is to fast them for 12 - 24 hours. Since she is probably quite small - it may be a good idea to rub karo syrup on her gums a couple of times during the fast to prevent hypoglycemia. Then feed her a very bland and bulky diet of boiled chicken and rice for a couple of days (2/3 rice). Then take another couple of days to slowly transition back to normal diet. If she is not acting normal and eating well within a couple of days or if the vomiting gets worse I would suggest taking her into the vet. You can also use pepto bismol in dogs with upset stomachs. Here is a link to more information.
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Donna P.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The vomit was a foam on top but a heavy slimy substance happened yesterday at aroun 6 pm so it has already been 24 hours...should i giver her something now... is there anything else besides karo syrup because I dont have any handy at the moment... Is there anything more serious I should look out for?

Expert:  Donna P. replied 8 years ago.
Hello again,
The heavier slimy stuff - especially if yellowish - is probably stomach contents or bile. If she hasn't eaten anything for 24 hours I see if she will eat the boiled chicken and rice(2/3 rice) meal. If she had even a few little tidbits today than it may be better to wait until morning. You can also use a bit of honey or pancake syrup as well. Not very much - just enough to be absorbed through their gums with no need to swallow. If she refuses to eat the chicken/rice in the morning than I would be more concerned and would recommend having her seen. There is the chance of their being something more serious - but I doubt that it is related to just eating a potato skin if this is the case. Young dogs are notorious for ingesting things that are not actually food - like bits of a toy or something. These can cause real problems and may even require surgery. The symptoms are often vomiting, refusing to eat, and lethargy. If she has chewed anything like this up lately this would be concerning. If there is nothing you can think of - the most common reason for vomiting, lack of appetite for no more than a day or two, and a bit of lethargy is just simple digestive upset. This usually doesn't turn into anything too worrisome - but it can so always be aware that if she is getting worse or isn't better in a couple of days she should be seen.   Most of the time though it is resolved within a couple of days. Giving a dose of pepto tonight may also help her to feel better by morning. The dose is included in the article previously provided.
Donna P.