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Dr. Andy
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How can I get Comfortis without a prescription or how can I

Customer Question

How can I get Comfortis without a prescription or how can I get one as the local vets in my area want over $100 per dog to examine them even tho they all just had there annual shots a couple of weeks ago I can save $20 per pckg online from what these locals want for it I get 6 boxes at a time as I have 6 Poms and they have done real well on Comfortis for over a year now
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 8 years ago.
Unfortunately, you cannot get it without a veterinary prescription.
Was a physical examination performed at the time the vaccines were given a few months ago or were they given by a technician?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The vet is semi retired has clinic at a local feed&tack store so I'd say he must still maitain his license to buy the meds he uses He gives the shots himself Looks the dogs over and all but he just says he never heard of Comfortis but they dont sell it there.I can walk in most any vets place and buy all I want but I dont see the need to pay $75 per pckg when I can buy it on line for $53 per box Like I said I buy 6 boxes at a time i do the same way with heartgard
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 8 years ago.
Difficult situation.
1. First, I would have said your primary vet should simply write a written prescription for you. But a vet working out of a feed store unlikely has a prescription pad (assumption on my part).

2. You could try to find a new vet that does an initial examination for free (some vets do this for new clients). After the exam, request the written prescription for the comfortis, so you can get it over-the-internet.

3. Try to find a vet that will simply just sell it. I wouldn't, but you could look around.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I found y0ur website under a listing of Comfortis without prescriptopn I do not mind paying someone to write it but I can see I have $30 on deposit here and am no better off than I was to start with I live in west central Florida and this is a high tourist area and they do nothing for free in this area the average check up for a small dog is over $100 That would be $6/700 for the check ups then as I say they all charge around $75 for Comfortis As I'm retired and on limited income I just have to watch my money a little closer than to waiste it for exams they dont need
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 8 years ago.
I would urge you to try and find the first exam free offices. Maybe split up the pets if you need to (so you don't anger any particular vet over doing 6 free exams).
I cannot personally do a written prescription. It is against the law, and as I am sure you understand, I will not risk doing anything illegal for $7.50 income for the time I have invested addressing this question.
I have given the best options I can think of to help you get the prescription medication.

Can you please cut and paste the website you found that indicates comfortis without a prescription in your next response? thanks
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 8 years ago.
What you may have seen is "comfort is" not "comfortis" without prescription. I did a Yahoo search myself. Correct me if I am wrong, but I really can't expend anymore time addressing this question if you didn't feel I was not helpful.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
lIKE i SAID i FOUND YOU THRU A LINK ADVERTISING cOMFORTIS WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION I clearly read you were to be paid for suitable or acceptable answer I recieved neither from you Your assumption that the vet who operated from a feed store was incorrect totally he read the facts on comfortis and wrote the script Thank You but No Thanks
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 8 years ago.
I am sorry you are unsatisfied with the answer.

My very first response
"1. First, I would have said your primary vet should simply write a written prescription for you. But a vet working out of a feed store unlikely has a prescription pad (assumption on my part)."

I specifically indicated that you should simply ask your vet. I stated that as the first part of my answer. I then made the additional comment about not have the prescription pad and then saying its an assumption. Why? Because I couldn't figure out why you didn't simply ask your primary vet in the first place.

JustAnswer does not sell any products. Now, there are many links contained "within" other websites that directs people to JustAnswer if they have a question to ask. But, this website has nothing to do with actually selling anything. So, I suppose, the link you were at was a bit misleading.

Your words:
"I have 6 ranging from 3 months to 10 yrs of age both male&female They are all healthy and have all had their shots within the last month but the vet who gives the shots never heard of Comfortis and since he dont sell it wont write it Stubborn old goat!"

Unfortuantely, I honestly must say that both of our times was wasted if your primary vet would have researched the product in the first place to give you the script. You clearly documented above he never heard of it and wouldn't script it.

So, I have no interest in the $4.50 I get for trying to answer this question, but you really should direct some of your frustration with your vet also for not researching the product earlier on your behalf.

I am sorry I could not be of any further help.

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