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Terri Riba
Terri Riba, Healthcare Expert
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My dog got up to the table and ate a whole box of Milk Duds.

Resolved Question:

My dog got up to the table and ate a whole box of Milk Duds. I hear that chocolate is poisonous for dogs. Is this true?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Terri Riba replied 8 years ago.

Hi Melinda,



You do not have to worry about chocolate toxicity from this candy if the actual amount of chocolate is very minimal(see below) .It is not necessay to have him throw up but save this link for future reference:

Dog's WeightAmount of Milk ChocolateAmount of Unsweetened ChocolateApprox. MG of Theobromide
5 lbs.4 oz.1/2 oz.200
10 lbs.8 oz.1 oz.400
20 lbs.16 oz.2 1/2 oz.900
30 lbs.1 1/4 lbs.3 3/4 oz.1300
40 lbs.2 1/2 lbs.4 1/2 oz.1800
50 lbs.3 lbs.5 1/2 oz.2250
60 lbs.3 3/4 lbs.6 3/4 oz.2700
70 lbs.4 3/4 lbs.8 1/2 oz.3400



Just feed himsome very spongy food like bread, cheese, mashed potaoes, etc.

He could get diarrhea from the sugar. If he does,he can have Immodium, kayopectate or any OTC at scroll down for products and dosages.

If he developes any constipation or abdominal pain he should see a vet.. It can take up to 36 hours to pass it all so just monitor his stool til then

Please let me know how he is doing.I will always be here for you.

Your baby should be fine.

Sincerest best wishes,


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