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When I take my dog outside, he keeps trying to poop with little

Resolved Question:

When I take my dog outside, he keeps trying to poop with little to no result. When he does poop, aside from hair, there is really nothing unusual about his poop. It's fairly normal. What could be wrong?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. P replied 8 years ago.
hi krosselot
It sounds like he is a bit constipated. I see this in older labs a lot. They tend to get some lower back arthritis and start to have trouble defecating. I seeyou have tried the pumpkin to no avail. You can try metamucil, 1 to 2 tsp on one of his meals once daily. You may also talk to your vet about some antiinflammatories for him. Sometimes this will help dogs to be less painful when they posture to defecate. I have an 11 year old labx. He has trouble sometimes too. I have him on rimadyl and it's helped.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for the response. I was also doing some reserach of my own and found this website and found the Buddy (my dog) fits a lot of the symptoms listed under large intestine. Is this also something that I should consider? He isn't making it through the night and wakes up about every 4 hours to go outside to use the bathroom. When he does poop, the consistance isn't hard, but rather soft (like soft serve ice cream). Additional feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Expert:  Dr. P replied 8 years ago.


yes if he is going more frequently and there is any red blood or mucous then that would indicate colitis. Another thing you could try is a bland diet like boiled chicken and rice. You can also look into Fortiflora which is a probiotic added to the food daily. It helps replace the good bacteria that is lost in softer stools. Also, if Buddy has not been dewormed in a while then it is always a good idea to do this. Whipworms can cause colitis.

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