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my dog has like brown stuff in his ears like ear wax and has

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my dog has like brown stuff in his ears like ear wax and has a sound like there is water in there i cleaned it but it keeps coming back and does not want to eat as much sometimes barely at all
Hi Pitbull,
Usually when you hear sloshing in the ear, like there is water inside, there is an infection. Cleaning the ear, either with a commercial ear cleaner from the vet or pet store, or with a homemade solution like water and vinegar, can help somewhat. However, often these infections need antibiotics, by mouth or by drops into the ears. You would need a prescription from a veterinarian for antibiotics.

When dogs have recurrent ear infections, it is a good idea to look for the underlying cause, such as hypothyroidism, food allergies, or yeast. I do a culture of the ear sometimes, or look at the discharge from the ear under a microscope to help decide the best way to treat the ear. Ear infections that linger can be very frustrating to manage, for the dog, for the owner, and for the veterinarian. I have seen a diet change help a lot, if it is due to food allergies. I would try cleaning with the vinegar and water solution until you can get him seen by your veterinarian. Hope this helps, Rebecca
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