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What to do if my dog has eaten some rid-x from the torn box?

Customer Question

My dog (50lbs) tore up a box of rid-x. I don't know how much if any she ate. I was out all day, so I don't know how long it has been. She is acting normal, ate her dinner and drank water. Can you tell me if this is something I need to take her to the emer. vet for?

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr Caroline replied 8 years ago.

Hi, can you tell me what is the active ingredient on the box?

I only see electronic rid-x on the internet?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

According to the box it contains:

Cellulase: toilet paper, vegetable matter & some foods.

Lipase: Fats, oils & grease.

Protease: Proteins.

Amylase: Starches.

Expert:  Dr Caroline replied 8 years ago.


Welcome to JustAnswer.

The good news is that the ingredients listed are not toxic per say. I would be more scared if possible:

A digestive obstruction (stomach or bowel)from the toilet paper.

Pancreatitis from the amount of food she ingested.

A stomach dilatation from the food and the rid-x she ingested.

If this has happened several hours earlier, there is no point to make her vomit.You may need to wait and see if symptoms persist.

If I get it right, rid-X is the stuff you put in the septic tank?

There are a lot of bacteria. Their website mentioned humans should not be affected by it.

Due to the amount she ate, I wonder if she could get some serious digestive upset.

I would suggest before you get her to the ER,

Stop feeding her for a day.

Give her water if no vomiting.

Call the ASPCA centre to know if the amount (possibly just give them a possible amount) would be detrimental to her.

They do charge you, but it is worth the call.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
it was Rid-X for a septic tank. Thankyou for the help we will keep an eye on her.
Expert:  Dr Caroline replied 8 years ago.

You're welcome.