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I think my dog may be constipated I can tell she is uncomfortable

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I think my dog may be constipated I can tell she is uncomfortable I think she has been going a little but I think she needs something to flush her out the only time she will go out is to use the bathroom and at night she is in and out constantly and has gas normally you would never hear her you would just smell her but for a couple of days she has been pretty loud what can I do
HI Slburnham,
Is your dog still eating? Most constipated dogs will not eat, and just strain and staain, trying to go. It would be unusual for a dog to have gas with constipation. More often when dogs are uncomfortable and have gas they have colitis or diarrhea, and so giving them an enema or laxative would make things worse. When she has a bowel movement, what does it look like? Is is small and hard, or soft? If it is soft, I would suspect colitis and not give a laxative.

I would first recommend following her and observing what her defecations are like. If she is not producing any stool, then I recommend having a veterinarian look at her, and do a rectal exam to see which problem she has. If she has soft stool, or diarrhea, with the gas, I would treat with something like a prescription medication like metronidazole, or you could try Pepto Bismal, about 1/2 the human dose of the liquid or caplet form (not the tablets) once or twice. Until she gets over this problem, I would feed her very small meals. If she is not eating, I would have your vet look at her soon. Hope this helps, Rebecca
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks I think you are right she hasnt lost her appetite and it seems to get worse after she has eaten