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My dog is having a hard time peeing. This happens about once

Resolved Question:

My dog is having a hard time peeing. This happens about once a month. He will not pee for a couple of days. He tries but can,nt.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Pet Doc replied 8 years ago.

Hi thereCustomer


Thank you for your question regarding your dog who is having a hard time peeing. Could you give me a little more info please? How old is this boy and has he been neutered? Does he poop normally during this time? Have you seen any blood or pus in his urine?


I look forward to hearing from you soon,


Kind Regards,


Dr Edwards

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
He has had blood in his pee. He has not been neutered. He poops ok. His pee yesterday was really yellow. Today he is not peeingf at all. He tries. He doesn't do much when he got this. Usually active.
Expert:  Pet Doc replied 8 years ago.

Hi thereCustomer


Thank you for the extra info regarding your young Shih Tzu. Whilst there are a number of things that could potentially be going on here, it definitely sounds as though your boy has a urinary tract infection which would be causing the straining to urinate as well as the blood in his urine. Your boy may even have bladder stones which would make it quite difficult to get rid of the UTI (urinary tract infection). For this reason it is quite important that you consider getting your Vet to take xrays to check for bladder stones as well as collect some urine.


Usually in these types of cases we get a culture and sensitivity on the urine before starting antibiotics to treat the infection, so this is the next best step for your little Shih Tzu boy. Of course there are other options as to what could be causing these symptoms including kidney infection or stones or even an endocrinological disease - however these are much less likely in such a young boy. It really is also important we find out if any bladder stones present, and the sort of infection present as well as what the bugs are sensitive to in terms of antibiotics. Because it sounds as though this problem has been continuing on and off over the course of several months, bladder stones (or at least crystals) are very likely.


Please talk to your Vet about checking for stones when you next can and organise a revisit for your boy. In the mean time keep him warm and happy, and make sure you give him a pat and a cuddle from me.


Thank you for your question and please now click ACCEPT.


Kind Regards,


Dr M D Edwards

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