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The flesh between my dogs paw pads is swollen and inflamed

Resolved Question:

The flesh between my dog's paw pads is swollen and inflamed (moist dermatitis). My vet told me it was an allergy that would disappear with the cold weather and prescribed Cephalexin tablets and Betagen spray. The condition has not diminished and he licks his paws often. He is now beginning to have trouble walking. Any help you can offer would be most appreciated. Thank you.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Pet Doc replied 8 years ago.

Hi thereCustomer


Thank you for your question regarding your 9 year old Samoyed's severe interdigital dermatitis. It definitely sounds as though he has a severe problem here if he is so irritated and sore he can hardly walk around! Sadly there is no such thing as a paw specialist, however there are dermatological ones in the Veterinary world, and a referral by your Vet to one of these specialists really wouldn't hurt! Basically your Vet has taken a very good and standard approach to this sort of problem. The plain fact is that this problem will have an allergic basis to it, and allergies as you not are not cured, but managed. The cephalexin antibiotics and betagen are great short term fixes for this problem (well, not in your dog's case - it doesn't sound like they did much at all) however they do not help solve the underlying problem - the allergy. The majority of dogs I see with this problem have a severe contact allergy towards a certain grass or grasses. This causes the inflammation and itchiness which inturn leads to the ongoing licking and hence secondary bacterial and yeast infections in between the toes!


I would definigely recommend a referral to a Veterinary specialist dermatologist who can undertake patch testing to help find the exact cause of the allergy in order for you to help try and avoid it! It is also possible your boy has a food allergy as the underlying basis and only a 3 week food trial feeding only a novel protein diet such as Hill's Z/D ultra allergen free can rule this in or out. As you can see, it is most important to get the allergy under control, otherwise you are going to have an ongoing problem with your Samoyed's feet.


In the mean time, foot baths are perfect. Good on you for starting this. I personally however would recommend a product called Malaseb. This is available from most Vet clinics and contains a very good antibiotic and antifungal. The only requirement however is that you make a lather and leave it for 10 minutes before washing off again. Your current Vet should also consider a course of steroids to help reduce inflammation and itching as well as oral antifungal s to help fight yeast between the toes. A swab would also help ascertain the sort of bugs present between his pads.


Best of luck with your boy and please keep me posted with your progress won't you. As I say - this will have an allergic bassis to it, so overall this problem can only really ever be managed, not cured and I am sure you can understand this.


Thank you for your question and please now click ACCEPT.


Kind Regards,


Dr M D Edwards



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