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I have a 5 week old chorkie puppy ( 1 of 4) that is suddenly

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I have a 5 week old chorkie puppy ( 1 of 4) that is suddenly lethargic. The other pups are doing great. Very active and healthy. She was doing great as well until today. I am taking her to my vet in the A.M., but I was wondering if there was something else that I should be doing or looking for. She will drink water if I put her right up to it. She doesn't want the mother and she wont eat a soft gruel.



Can you tell me what color her gums are? The same as the other pups?


How is her breathing?


Do you have a little thermometer? Does she feel warm or cold compared to the others?


Do you have any karo syrup, maple syrup, or nutrical?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Her gums are dark, where as the other pups are a healthy pink. Her breathing is very shallow. She breathes a little harder if I stimulate her by rubbing. I have a regular digital thermometer from when the mom was pregnant. She feels the same as the other pups as far as touch. And I do have Karo syrup.

I took the temp on a healthy pup ( 102) and she was 100.8
She is also starting to vomit.

Thank you.


When you say the gums are dark, are they dark pink or more of a purple?


What does the vomit look like?


Can you rub some karo syrup on her gums please to help prevent hypoglycemia or low blood sugar?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Purple. Like a muddy color almost. The vomit was just water. I did the karo on her gums as well. If it is hypoglycemia, how long till the karo would work?

If the gums are purple she may have pneumonia or a problem with her heart. The purple tells me she is not getting enough oxygen around to her body parts.


The karo syrup will work in about 10 minutes.


You need to get her to an emergency vet for an exam and probably oxygen therapy.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
If in 10 minutes she perks up, should I assume that hypoglycemia was the issue? Would a possible heart defect present at 5 weeks after being healthy? I was avoiding the emergency trip only due to the extreme cold temp outside. I will definitely taker her if that is what you think that it could be. She is the one my family was keeping so I thank you very, very much for your diagnosis!

I will be on here for an hour so we can wait an see. Try putting more karo syrup on the gums and monitor the color for a change. I have to recommend for the worst possible just in case.


I had a litter of pups once (my own) and the day before the last one was to be adopted he crashed and died despited my best vet emergency efforts. His liver values were 8 times normal so I suspect a liver shunt. He was perfectly fine until that day.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you so much. Honestly...I really appreciate your being there to answer!
You are welcome. Just give me an update in a little bit
How is the puppy doing?