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My dog was spitting up a milky-white substance. A vet gave

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My dog was spitting up a milky-white substance. A vet gave ger allergy meds. and we stoped giving her the white- rawhide. It stoped for a while. After 2 months she started again ( spitting up a white milky substance)and a second vet gave her meds- for thruwing up. It stoped and she was playing as normal. Now; she is spitting up, again. An X-ray was suggested, but I don't believe it can tell me much. I don't believe she eat anything that might show in an x-ray. The anamal hospital that I've been taking her to charges a lot and I've been told they sometimes do things - just to make money. An anamal- handeler (that I know) said he often sees dogs spit up a white milky substance, but doesn't know what to do about it.

There are a number of possibilities. If you could answer a few questions, I can probably give you a more complete answer. First of all, what time of day does it occur, and how long before or after eating? Does it ever include food? Does a coughing episode ever precede the spitting up? When she does spit up, does she do some retching first, or does it just come out as a "belch" or with very little effort? Also, has she had a fecal analysis for intestinal parasites? Does the spit-up ever look yellow?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

She spits up early morning and sometimes late at night. When she is feeling poorly, she dosn't eat or drink much- just lies around- under my desk. She eat some "Cheerios" but it came back up a little while later. She is a picky eater, buts pulls pile from the rug. ( I was told that that wouldn't be the problem.. since only cats bring up hairballs). She did have a fecal analysis and all her shots are up to per. She gets "INTERSEPTER" hartworm med. ( use to get HARTGUARD" ,but was switched- because it is hard to get down"). The white milky fluid has not apeared to be yellowish. [ She is: 25lbs.]


Based on the timing of when she spits up, I would be most concerned that there is something inedible (or undigestible) that is settling out in the middle of the night. This is the time when the digestible material would have already left the stomach and the undigestible material is still sitting there. Normal stomach reflexes then reverse their direction, to bring up inedible substances, instead of sending them down the intestinal tract. I have most often seen it with dogs that eat a lot of rawhides, since they are often left behind in rather large chunks. I know you have already stopped the rawhides, but the principle is the same. If she is not chewing up anything else but the rug piles, then I would consider these as the culprit.


Another thing, though--You did not yet tell me whether the spitting up process is an active one or a passive one. If it is preceeded by retching, then it is an active process typical of true vomiting. However, if it comes up with very little effort, other than perhaps a belch or a small cough, this may be regurgitation, rather than vomiting. Regurgitation is usually related to a problem with the esophagus and not the stomach. Let me know some more details about the spitting up and I will let you know whether it is time to think about the esophagus.


I'll wait to give additional information until I hear back from you. I want to tailor it to your situation.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

There is retching, but hardly any bulk to the fuuid.. other then when the cheerios came back up - with small solid particles ( I did not see.. I'm at work).

I will be leaving work in 20 minutes.

My sense is still that her stomach is irritated, for some reason, when it is empty. It could be from inedible material (like rug fibers) or from excess acid or other irritant. Some things can only be determined by additional diagnostic tests, like endoscopy (putting a tube into the stomach so the lining can actually be viewed and possibly biopsied--Like the tube the plumbers or rescue personel use when they need to see into tight places). However, here are a few things to try, first. Prevent her from pulling up the rug. Don't give her any toys that have bits she can swallow. Avoid pigs ears, Greenies, or hard chew treats that could leave slowly digestible pieces in her stomach. Feed her 2 regular meals a day, and a small snack before bed. Also, before bed, give her Pepcid AC (available as 10 mg tablets, over the counter)--1/2 to 1 tablet.


See if this helps. I would be very interested in learning how she does. I hope you will keep me posted.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

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