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Donna P.
Donna P., Veterinary Technician
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All of a sudden my dog Max is staring into space, stops to

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All of a sudden my dog Max is staring into space, stops to get orientated. He has cataracts, He is 14 years old and was fine up to yesterday. He has a blank stare and does not want to go out or get off the couch or bed unless I help him or go down or upstairs without me by my side. He is drinking, breathing ok and has a smaller appetite. He is part lab and part hound.
It is possible that he has lost sight suddenly. This could be due to progression of disease with the cataracts or can occur in diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes, or a tumor. Seizures can also result in a temporary state of blindness and confusion. It may be that he suffered a minor seizure that went unnoticed and you are seeing the after effects which can last several hours. I would try to see if you can get any reaction from waving your hand in front of him or coming at him with your hand being sure not to create wind or touch his whiskers. If you get not reaction I would have him checked for these other problems with your veterinarian. If he seems to be able to see but is just very disoriented this could be due to the onset of canine dementia. This is basically senility like in older people. They may become very confused, display very strange behaviors, may not recognize people, may become very anxious, or their personality may change drastically. A disturbance in their sleep/wake cycles is also something that commonly occurs. Here are some links to more information regarding the sudden onset of blindness as well as canine dementia.

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