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i need to know if dog whistles are harmful to our dogs- I have

Customer Question

i need to know if dog whistles are harmful to our dogs- I have 2 Bichons, a yellow lab and a australia shepard/ border collie mix. My "neighbor got one, didn't tell us and is using it. I am very upset as he and his one daughter are the only people my kids do not like because they have previously treated them badly. The other daughter thinks that her father and sister are just mean. My dogs do not bark at the nice daughter, only the two that have teased and taunted them
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. P replied 8 years ago.
A whistle blow right next to a dog's ear could cause damage depending on how loud it was. If these people are just whistle blowing in their back yard then it may startle your dogs (which is probably exactly what they are trying to do). It is too bad that humans can stoop to do such lowly things. I am assuming that you really aren't on the best speaking terms with these people. I have a feeling if you tried to approach them about it they would do it even more. I would ignore them. If they whistle blow then just calmly call your dogs indoors. Don't act upset, I am sure this is what they want. If it gets out of control then call the police and make a complaint. Good luck and sorry you have rotten neighbors