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Brad Craig
Brad Craig, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  30 years as a dog cat vet
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My dog just ate about 1/3 of a peppermint stick. Is that dangerous

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My dog just ate about 1/3 of a peppermint stick. Is that dangerous? It doesn't have xylitol (she already had to go to Pet hospital for that) in it.
One third of a peppermint stick should not hurt your dog if it has no artificial sweetener and your dog is healthy. Xylitol can cause low blood sugar at .1mg/kg (.45mg per pound) or liver damage if over 1 gram per kg. Remember xylitol is a artificial sweetener not real sugar. If you pet is a healthy small 10kg (22pound) mixed terrier and the candy was made with real sugar then all is well. If your dog has diabetes the sugar could change the insulin dose however a well regulated diabetic should be OK. Never in 30 years as a veterinarian have I seen a dog die from peppermint! If xylitol was in the peppermint give me your dogs weight and mg of xylitol and I will tell you if there is any danger! Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX DVM
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

There was only sugar in the candy cane.

Ever since she sneaked a pack of sugarless gum out of my purse and ended up at Auburn University Vet school, I worry every time she climbs on the counter and gets some human food. She's a stray and a scavenger and very canny. She can smell sugar or sugar substitute through any material. The vet at Auburn said that she would never change. We try to be very careful but she's smarter than we are.

Thank you very much for your answer.


Thanks Diane. My dogs are Goldens and they eat everything. I have taken them to dog school and taught the "leave it " command. They do not teach dog training in vet school. so you have to learn it on your own. How do you teach your dog to "leave it"? First consider dog school. We take our younger Golden twice per week and she has learned "leave it". When she leaves the food we tell her how good she is and give a small piece of a high value treat. This is a treat she loves. With repeated training dogs will learn the leave it command and it may save their life. Dogs are smarter than people however they can be fooled with food. Be sure she is in a crate if you are not at home. Brad Craig DVM (was in Alabama last week at a bowl game, beautiful state)