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My week old puppies have crusty looking scabs on them. 3 of

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My week old puppies have crusty looking scabs on them. 3 of the 5 have them and they have increased in size since I first noticed them two days ago. Should I take them to a pet hospital today...Sunday? Thanks Wanda Fries

This usually is something very similar to cradle cap in children and is not uncommon in newborn pups.

What I would suggest is using some oil on the spots which should break them up and help the skin heal. I typically use mineral oil once or twice a day working it into the crusty areas. You should see the patches get smaller and you may see flaky dandruff as it does. You can use olive oil, vegetable oil, mineral oil to do this. None of those will hurt the mom as she washes the pups.

You just want to get the crusty area moistened with the oil.

If you see no improvement over a couple of days then you may want your vet to check them over and see if this is mange mites or another skin issue.

If you see improvement just keep it up until the spots are gone.

Hope this helps you!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thx for the quick reply. Would the Mom have these as well if they were mange mites? Is it normal for the size of the "cradle cap" to double in size in one day? If it were mange mites would all of the puppies have the symptoms?

It depends about the mange as there are two types of mange contagious which they all would get which you can read about here

and non contagious which is more of an immune thing

Yes I've seen the 'cradle cap' type of sebborhea expand fast. If feels like a hard scab on the skin and seems a little flakey when you scratch at it.

The oil can clear it up nicely.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Is cradle cap a fungus? Should I buy Fungisan for dogs and apply?

No it isn't and I'd not put that on baby pups.

I saw that site and it horrifies me that this would be out there for info.

Its a sebborhea type issue just a build up of sebum and the oil takes it away.

I've had this happen in litters from time to time in over 30 years of being a breeder and the oil clears it up every time. Learned how to handle it from an old time breeder.

Its not much mentioned in the dog info and apparently its more something that knowledge about it and the treatment for it was passed on from mentor to new breeder as to how to handle it.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
There's a lot of scary stuff when you search online about "crusty scabs on puppies". I'm glad I found you. Thank you.

I know there is and what amazes me is how many have so many scary solutions.

Sometimes there is no substitute for a breeder who has been there and knows how to handle it Smile

I remember being horrified at finding these 'things' on my pups so long ago and happy at how easy it was to clear up.

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